Amanita Muscaria the Mario Mushroom

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    But does it make you bigger?


    In all the right places?


    no just twice as tall, I wouldn’t want to hurt any one


    Awesome. I swear Mario is responsible for my drug habit.


    That’s a fine looking mushroom that is.

    I’ve only tried this kind thrice. I needs to get ahold of some more. I had a lovely fun time with them.

    These are the magic mushrooms that are actually hallucinogenic, unlike the more common psilocybin magic mushroom which is just a psychotropic (albeit a quasi-entheogenic one). A common misconception.

    Kids: Try this at home.




    I thought all psychotropics broke down into four categories: hallucinogens, antipsychotics, depressants and stimulants. Of which, obviously, psilocybin is. I’ve literally seen a face melt into a skull on psilocybin.


    Hmm, I dunno. Psilocybin is really too unique in itself to just classify as some ‘type’ like any other, IMO. But the word I meant to say was Psychedelic, not psychotropic. Sorry

    There is a difference between the trippy visuals and patterns; the “wild warping of the real” that happens with them, and actual hallucinations where you see/hear things that simply are not there. I understand most people can’t really tell the difference and simply think the weirdness that every -thing- is taking on is a “hallucination” when it’s not.

    I’ve experimented with numerous hallucinogens and had countless experiences too strange to describe on psilocybin, but never seen or heard anything that was a technical hallucination with them.

    Now, if the face melting skull you saw was not attached to anyone’s head, and floating in the air or something, then I would say that is indeed a hallucination. But seeing faces and skulls in things is a rather common pattern on shrooms. I know I have seen people (real people) appear to become translucent and melty or lose fine dimensional structure (looking fatter or skinnier or longer or stretchier than normal) along with all kinds of tint regularity, and seeing someones whole skeletal structure through their flesh is nothing new.

    But of course I can’t truly speak for anyone other than myself.


    Hmm, upon further inspection; The Amanita mushroom is classifed as a Deliriant; psychedelic, while Psilocybin is just a psychedelic. Neither is a hallucinogen. Precisely why I desire to try these fly agarics some more.




    they grow under evergreens of all sorts. i’ve found them in the cemetary near my house a whole bunch of times.


    let me tell you… i’ve done these more times than i can count… and ive loved every single moment… i prefer the tea method… if your that interested hit me up with an email and i’ll bring you knowlege

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