Dungeons and Dragons

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Who needs to hang around?
I`ve got Dungeons and Dragons.

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    That’s like saying: Who needs sex? I’ve got a right hand.

    Luke Magnifico

    More like: Who needs sex? My penis is too magnificent, somewhat godly, for any mere woman to withstand.

    fracked again

    All those afternoons, polishing my rod of smiting…


    It’s amazing how themes and concepts can transcend time and still be as fresh and true as the day of it’s conception.

    No, I’m not talking about the game D&D, i’m talking about the fact that D&D Players have no friends.


    Gee, that’s funny. Because it’s rather hard to play D&D without friends.


    Yes, we had no friends, got no sex, and yet, here we are: 20+ years later and our kids are playing WarCraft and surprisingly, D&D


    And they’re just as pale, lonely, and socially awkward as you were lol

    I’m just messing around with you D&D fellas. The only real difference between you guys and me is that my youth was wasted on electronic games instead.


    HAH. No, I played D&D to fill in those times I was out of quarters or my dad was watching the game, so no Bally home arcade time.


    Don’t you mean 20D&6D years later?


    win. you get 1,200 exp and the savage bag of yip yap.



    Playing WoW is not something to be proud of.

    At least with D&D you get bragging rights in Geek World.


    No friends? the three in the background our also playing D&D. And it appears the girl is being the DM screen. The only problem with this picture is the high center island. Standing around one for several hours is a pain; but nothing else in our home is large enough, and I can not justify (cost and space wise) a huge table just for D&D). Its like of funny though, When I went looking for a D&D group @ the star of High School (after my Boyscout Troop based Star Wars RPG group disbanded); I ended up playing with kids… Read more »


    The guy standing looks like an old pal of mine. But we weren’t around when D&D hit.


    I thins could also be an ad for /b/….


    DnD players have no friends? Who the hell do you think we play with? O_o;


    Exactly! I had plenty of friends who were also socially awkward, but then you meet *girls* who play D&D and they. are. awesome.

    Jesus Christ

    You rang? :3

    Though… I haven’t played D&D for years ever since my best friend and I had a falling out. I need to meet some more losers here so I can cast my magic missile on the darkness.