The Dunwich Horror

dunwich_wilbur.jpg (818 KB)

Meet Wilbur, the better-looking Whateley brother.

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    I was thinking of getting this expansion for Arkham Horror. Anyone have any experiences with that one?


    Thanks now I am going to have nightmares of 5 dicks and 1 ballsack eating me.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I lose sanity points whenever someone just mentions Arkham Horror. The only good thing about it is that it gives to a few cool pieces to use in an actual role-playing game.


    Ya know what would be the most incredibly nerdy/awesome thing to do? Everyone with Arkham Horror gets their games and webcams out to play online with a group of people. We can call it “Online Play”. Awesome? I think so. Tiki get on it!


    Why doesn’t someone just make a video game out of it?


    Tiki, put it on the to-do list plox.


    Pretty cool story… a little on the overly-pulpy side, not his best, but still quite a good read: