Snow Rollers on the Camas Prairie 3/31/09

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On the evening of March 31st, 2009, Tim Tevebaugh was driving home from work east of Craigmont in the southern Idaho Panhandle (see map below). Across the rolling hay fields, Tim saw a very unusual phenomenon. The snow rollers that he took pictures of are extremely rare because of the unique combination of snow, wind, temperature and moisture needed to create them. They form with light but sticky snow and strong (but not too strong) winds. These snow rollers formed during the day as they weren\’t present in the morning on Tim\’s drive to work.

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    Haha this is pretty cute and kind of bizarre. I think I’d find it rather creepy if I saw snow rollers all of a sudden. And they formed in just one day, that’s crazy.


    Tim then killed himself because his life was so boring that he took pictures of snow.


    You take pictures of your shitty car and shoes. This is cooler than that. Follow your own suggestion and be the master of your own destiny.


    At least their mine


    Hey guys I’m going to take some pictures of some grass…BRB…tiki, be ready to accept my post, ASAP!


    What happened to the “posts must be stupid, funny, or cool” rule?

    tiki’s drunkeness needs to stop!


    The only reason you’re still around is because of the ‘stupid’ rule.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “On the evening of March 31st, 2009”
    And let me guess: he posted the pictures the next day, April 1, 2009? Color me sceptical, but I think Tim Tevebaugh deserves an Epic Troll Award.


    This is cool you stupid fuck.

    Its a real thing according to someone who made a wiki page for it:




    These formed naturally? In one day? They look like hay bales made of snow.


    This is a sign! PRAY TO JEBUS!


    So I live about an hour away from where this is and we have them here, not that big only about 3 or 4 inches tall, i always took them for granted….weird


    You sound like a smart guy


    you sound like a smart guy for telling me I am a smart guy


    Thanks 😉 I consider myself a smart guy.


    then not only are you smart but your conceited too…:)


    Well I’m fairly open to discussion when it comes to myself, unlike the kids you see on here flaming other people.

    I wouldn’t say I’m awesome unless I truly didn’t think so (and I spend a lot of time by myself so trust me, I do a lot of self-evaluating)


    lol yeah i have been on here for a long time, and i get a good laugh at stupid people arguing over the internet, I am just bored at work so i figured i would rib you a little 😉