Darth Vader X ray.

Dvbones1.jpg (33 KB)

You can see where part of his spine has been replaced.

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    LOL! I use to do the same thing YEARS ago! Pause the Return of the Jedi! Dark side.. something something.. Complete!.. Theres a good one of the full shot of his skull!


    Shit yeah. There I was, pausing a shitty vhs copy of ROTJ, with my eyes freaking out from the flickering, trying to find the best frame. Those were the days.


    Back when George Lucas wasn’t a sellout and actually cared about his franchise.


    Technically this is right after he fired the writers who disagreed with him on anything, decided Luke & Leia should be siblings, and came up with the Ewoks.

    So… right around the time he started selling out.