Palin Mania – PALIN2012

Palin Mania - PALIN2012

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    stupid cunt




    Turquoise and red are my favourite colours. But not at the same time.


    I thought I would never say this but if she ever gets president I will move to another country.


    For the good of the nation…. Destroy with Napalm!


    Has anyone not seen Idiocracy ?
    This is the beggining…
    They’ve already started selling Brawndo..for realz.


    You guys are so scared of her? Why

    Because she speaks for most of the people?

    The Fear is palpable….


    If she speaks for most of the people then why didn’t she and McCain win.

    tiki god

    because they didn’t pay the proper respect to the illuminati that Obama and Co did.


    In what respect, Charlie?


    I’m not scared of her, I dislike her because she’s more Conservative than W and twice as stupid.


    I am scared of her because she thinks that humans and dinosaurs coexisted. I would rather see a Scientologist in office.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Scared? I pray to my dark, heathen gods that she runs for President in 2012. Another round of her idiocy will permanently end the Republican Party.


    And another round of BHO’s will permanently ruin the country. If socialism gets reelected again, we will be living in the USSA.. I’m gonna go get in the bread line early while there’s still some left.


    Here’s a 1 million dollar question for Qumefox.

    What is socialism?

    Also, there’s bonus points if you tell me which candidate you would have preferred over Obama and why.


    Which to me implies you enjoyed the neo-Fascist policies of George Bush and Co. Sounds like you’re parroting the same shit that you read in the National Review and regurgitate it onto the internet.


    Ask and you shall recieve.

    Main Entry:so·cial·ism
    Function: noun

    1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods

    2 a: a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
    b: a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

    3: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

    I donno what reality your living in, but #1 seems do describe BHO’s policies to a T, and #3 seems to be where this country currently is.

    BTW i’ve had this same argument countless times. Hopefully you actually be the first to come back with an actual argument against this. To date no other liberal has.

    fracked again

    We bailed out GM because a fair portion of the manufacturing sector needs GM to stay viable. Instead of it being a gift, it was a loan secured with stock. Pay back the loan, get back your stock.

    It is not complete ownership, which would be socialism. It is partial and temporary.

    As to regulating the financial markets, they didn’t do so well unregulated, did they?

    Now, for #3, which country are you living in? Does Paris Hilton do anything? Do factory workers earn a wage based on the labor they do compared to management? How about owners? The real Being able to copy and paste a definition is not equivalent to understanding the words.

    We are in a mixture of an aristocracy based system, replete with landed gentry, and a capitalist socialist blend.



    Thank you for proving that you have actually no idea what socialism is. You had to look it up? Really? Aw, couldn’t explain it with your own words. It’s a shame isn’t it.

    Second, oh so I’m a liberal? It’s quite fascinating, no matter who I talk to about Obama, if they’re against him, they always come to the conclusion that I must be a liberal.

    Liberalism has nothing to do with this, from now on we’ll call it… hm, common sense? Yeah we’ll call it common sense.

    You also proved that you’re scared to tell me what candidate you preferred over Obama. So you’re not educated on this, nor do you have the guts to tell us what you do support.

    Let’s assume you were for McCain. Not because I think you were, but I have a feeling you agree with his politics more than with Obama’s since you also support Palin.

    If Obama is a socialist, then so is McCain. If your definition of socialist is broad enough to include one, it has to be broad enough to include the other. Not only that, but you yourself currently reside in a socialist nation. You’ve got public fire, public police, public postal system etc. What is socialism. Socialism is when all of the productions and industry of a country are owned by the people.

    This was already reality before Obama became president.

    BTW i’ve had this same argument countless times. Hopefully you actually be the first to come back with an actual argument against this. To date no other liberal republican has.


    fracked. If that was what’s happening it’d be fine. however some banks are wanting to repay the stimulus money so they can get the fed out of their business, and the fed is telling them hell no. Explain to me how this is anything more than a power grab. If it wasn’t, they’d happily accept that stimulus money back to a) reduce the deficit or b) spend it elsewhere.


    @die. Ok let me get this straight. Your saying i’m wrong because what YOU think socialism means is different from that in every DICTIONARY i’ve looked in? That’s the whole reason I posted the definition, so at least it’s meaning couldn’t be argued. Guess I was wrong. Now you say that it’s wrong because it doesn’t agree with your viewpoint. AND your also not doing what I asked. Again i’m being told i’m wrong without you posting any FACTS to prove I am. I still say BHO’s actions fit the dictionary definition of socialism and can name policy examples to prove it.


    If I ever need a helmet, ill make sure to borrow yours.

    If you have anything but hatred for that woman, if you cant understand why the overwhelming majority of people hate her so much, you just recieved proof that you are a fucking moron. I mean, youre not the shallow end of the gene pool, you are about 10 feet above pool level.

    Word of advise if you are that person, keep your fucking mouth shut, that way you can go on like you arnt a fucking moron and most people wont notice.


    So you demonstrate the rational and logical side of the argument by resorting to personal attacks?


    does anyone else think she looks like the wife from TJ Hooker?


    Jesus Christ I am so sick of Sarah Palin… I hoped against hope that she’d just fucking go away after getting so badly trounced in the election, but nooooooooooo, she keeps whoring out to the media and people like Letterman won’t fucking let her fade into obscurity.


    Whoring out to the media? Um. Have you happened to look to see how much coverage BHO is STILL getting? I’m frankly amazed they don’t hold a press conference every time he takes a crap. I wonder if he has a TOTUS in the white house bathroom.

    Don’t believe me on the coverage thing? ABC is going to freakin be ANCHORING THE NEWS FROM INSIDE THE WHITEHOUSE on the 24th. Now tell me that the liberals wouldn’t have had a shitfit had Bush and FOX done this.


    onoez teh libralz comin 2 take r gunz & kill r babiez!


    Actually if BHO was a liberal, I wouldn’t have so much issue with him. The two party system works pretty well actually. At least it has for the last say, 200 or so years. Neither the conservatives or the liberals have it right. The correct path is in the middle of the two philosophies, which is attained by the frequent flip flop back and forth of power. The problem now is BHO isn’t a liberal. He’s a socialist, and every policy he signs has thus far, pushed this country closer to to socialism/marxism.


    And BTW, remember when BHO was pushing his collection of earmarks.. er I mean stimulus? We were threatened with the fact that unemployment would jump to 8.7% by may if the bill wasn’t signed, and were promised it would stay below 8% if it was. Well the may numbers came out. 9.4% unemployment. Worse than they said it’d be even if we did nothing.


    Qumefox, you must have got lost somewhere on the internets. I really am concerned that your message wont be heard.

    Let me help you:

    …because I believe they give just enough of a fuck to indulge you and your paranoid rants.

    fracked again

    Press? In the White House? Oh noes!

    You realize there are always members of the press there, and they report from the front lawn every few hours? And that every couple years, one network or another pulls this ratings stunt?

    Quit listening to Limpballs and start paying attention to the real world.


    GO AWAY PALIN!!!! GO FAR FAR AWAY!!!! I am sick of hearing your redneck voice and stupid ass 50’s conservative philosophy. Heck, you cannot even answer simple questions like: What news sources and magazines do you read? You are an embarrassment to AMERICA. And enough with the goddamn “I wasn’t treated fairly by the media” BULLSHIT. America gave you a chance and America responded in the polls. They don’t even like you in Alaska!! Fuckoff!

    Okay I feel better now *takes deep breath* So this is how Lotus feels after he raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees


    I like Palin’s voice and accent. ):

    Not all small town people are like her, don’t generalise them like that, it’s not nice, nor is calling them rednecks. Not all people can live in cities, and there are enough open minded and honest farmers to not condemn them all for the bigots among them.


    I know that all small town people aren’t like that but the problem is that every time Palin opens her mouth it’s like a fresh wave of stupid. When someone asks what magazines and newspapers you read, you can say any number of combinations of newspapers and magazines, but you can’t say “all of them.” You don’t have enough time to read “all of them.” Even if you were unemployed and had a limitless supply of energy and didn’t need to sleep you still wouldn’t have enough time to read “all of them.”


    I was replying to Puulaahi not to you?

    You didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know, so I don’t understand what the point of your comment was. There is no problem, Palin is an individual and as such she should be judged. Just because she thinks Africa is a country doesn’t mean all small town people are like that. You’re basically saying you’re having trouble telling dumb small town people apart from smart small town people because Palin is so unbelievably dumb. – Kinda nonsensical, no offense.


    I wasn’t basing my accusations on the fact that I “have trouble telling smart small-towners from dumb small-towners,” I was basing my accusations on the fact (rather, opinion) that Sarah Palin is fucking retarded. I’d take lessons from her on how to go out and hunt moose, sure, but she has no business in politics, especially one who’s so far right you’d expect her to start (incorrectly) quoting Mein Kampf.


    Well…that and I’m also an opinionated asshole, so there is that too.


    I was raging, Generalizing is a requirement as well as insults when raging. Of course not all people are like her and I like some South East/ Midwest US accents too. But hers irks me, everything about her does.






    Enlarging the military, enlarging the government, illegal search and seizure, warrantless wiretaps, signing 800 bil of stimulus… these are not parts of the evil “socialism” (misued vague politically sensitive nazi reference word) trend. Reforming health care and trying to recover from 8 years pf poor economic choices are evil evil socialism! So sayeth the Limboz.. so sayeth the lord!


    Excellent, Hob.


    Misused yeah. I posted the webster definition of socialism. And to me, it fits to a T what BHO is doing. Now my standing challenge to anybody here who would care to continue this argument. Don’t just tell me i’m wrong. Cite some examples of things BHO is doing that doesn’t fit that definition. I’ll start with an example that does.

    The government has taken over GM and chrysler, most of the financial industry, is telling private companies how to run themselves, and is refusing to allow companies that got stimulus money from paying it back because they don’t like the attached strings.

    I have plenty more examples. It’s your turn now though.


    Qume fox. There is something you need to know about M[c]S. For the most part, a sizeable fraction of the user base leans to the left so any right wing sounding argument( Be it for or against obama) is going to get dismissed. You will get accused of watching “faux news” and they will start going off on how george bush fucked things up even though the argument has nothing to do with george bush, but they will insist it does even though the argument is about Obamas actions.


    Actually. I’m aware of this. I just keep hoping i’ll find a liberal who can actually prove to me that BHO isn’t running the country in the ground. We’re stuck with him for the next 3 years or so. I’d just like some hope capitalism will still be here then. So far all i’ve gotten, on any forum, is personal attacks, or, as you’ve stated, them blaming it on Bush.

    fracked again

    Well, if qumefox’s lines didn’t sound like they were cribbed from Rush or Fox, you might have something.

    And poor you qumefox. Waaah. I don’t buy the martyr act.

    Maybe you hadn’t noticed, but Obama is just a few months into his term and we just came out of 8 years of Bush. Its kind of hard to really blame anything on Obama yet, but as soon as the economy does recover, you can bet the repubs will claim that they did it all. Bush and Cheney admitted that a larger bailout like what Obama did was needed, but they decided to put it off so they wouldn’t get stuck with the numbers. They didn’t have the balls.

    And I don’t really think that Obama has the balls to do what needs to be done either, like having a real public option for health care, or better, a single payer. Or repealing DADT and DOMA. Or investigating torture.


    Well bracked, i am not going to lie, i largely disagree with you but at least you have the decency to lay out your argument in an intelligent manner without going “OMG FAUX NEWS LOL NEOCON IDIOT!” and then using a baseless personal attack.


    I don’t understand why I can’t blame it on Bush. Obama didn’t get preggers but was left w/ the kiddies. What should he do? He has to deal w. what was left him. All the plans he had were blown out of the water by a huge economic crisis that the previous administration did a half-sorta-kinda-fix on. Obama didn’t get a clean slate to start w/.
    Now the more time that goes by, the more Obama becomes responsible, but we’re not there yet. I think a year is reasonable considering the circumstances.
    I’m not happy w/ his defense of DOMA, and the few ‘rights’ he gave to gays aren’t very useful or respectful.


    Because it is just kinda myopic to hold one person responsible. Nobody is saying that bush didn’t fuck things up, nobody is saying that obama wasn’t handed a great deck of cards. The problem is that our current economic and political problems are a culmination of the past 15 years of politics. Clinton inherited a government coping with post cold war Clinton doubled his military spending his last years in office, bush was handed one of the worst national disasters in the history of our nation. The iraq war happened and it opened up a bucket of shit that he wasn’t expecting. When democrats regained control during the last 2, 1/2 years what had they done to make any of it better? Now we can sit here all day blaming bush,obama, clinton, bush sr and even go as far back as woodrow fucking wilson. What does this acomplish?
    All it does is give politicians a chance to eschew personal responsibility for the name of getting more votes and pushing whatever agenda they are conned or paid into pushing. From Barney Frank to Lindsey Graham their is blame to be laid on all people. Hell the american people themselves are just as much responsible as obama is.


    @fraked. Your criticism of me would be more founded if I actually listened to rush or watched fox. My opinions are expressly my own. I neither a) listen to talk radio.. I find it boring as fuck, or b) watch FOX. Usually discovery channel and history channel is it, and even then I pick stuff up off the DVR so I don’t have to sit through commercials.

    Want to know what my primary news sources usually are? Usually liberal biased sites like CNN etc, and when I pick up on something interesting I start digging through congressional transcripts and other unaltered public records on the subjects to see what really transpired without having to deal with the media reporting bias, then forming my own conclusions to the state things are in.


    And the only argument you can fall back on is blame bush ? That is it?


    That was aimed @hob


    She is poised and ready to lose another election for the GOP


    It’s not about would you vote for her. It’s about whether or not you’d fuck her. And I would. A lot. And her skank ass daughter too.


    I’m trying to work out where the ‘C’ at the end of ‘PalinMania’ went.

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