Dirty Magic Word

Dirty Magic Word

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    i totally wat’d

    Luke Magnifico

    Do those words make sense to anyone?


    Lol, devoid of context?


    Cunt is a “dirty magic word”




    The fellow to the lower right is Captain Marvel (a DC character, naturally)– the most popular golden age super hero during the golden age (no kidding, he outsold superman and batman combined). He keeps getting resurrected whenever the execs forget how yawn inducing his last reintroduction was. He has the magic word “Shazam!” which turns him from an ordinary kid into a full flegged superhero with the flying, invulnerability, and so on and so forth that you would expect.

    Who the chick beating him up is, or what her magic word is, I have no idea.


    who needs a magic word… the way she’s rubbin up on him, I’d shazam on her…


    Forget it girl, he´s just a fucking kid…


    The girl sitting on Captain Marvel is his sister, Mary Marvel. This is from the god awful series Final Crisis, where writer Grant Morrison basicallly takes a giant shit on everything in the DC universe. Mary Marvel was the sweetest, most innocent character in all of comicdom. She could make the kids from Archie look like a bunch of crack whores by comparison. So Morrison decided to have her turn evil by joining the evil New God, Darkseid. The Marvel family get their super powers by yelling the name of the mystical wizard, “SHAZAM!” The “dirty magic word” Mary is… Read more »


    She didn’t join him – she got possessed by one of Darkseid’s minions.

    Besides, Black Mary was much better.