Graffiti wall is vandalised

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    uh…so Graffiti over it. crazy brits.


    And people wonder why i don’t like britain.


    Money should better be invested into a committee judging all graffiti to be found on public walls by its artistic qualities – and then filing charges against bad artists.

    BAM! Practically instant artistic inner city enhancement.


    I love graffiti. I think it’s the old people that don’t get it. Sooner or later all the old people will die off and we can see graffiti all over the place 🙂

    Luke Magnifico

    we will have to crime it, investigate it and paint over it

    How does one crime a crime?


    I herd you like you to crime, so I put a crime in your crime so you can crime while you crime.


    This is stupid. They put the wall there so people would use spray paint on it, and not damage public property which is a crime. Someone uses it for intended purposes and its a crime? I understand that it’s not “real” graffiti. Even though it sucks and lacks eye appeal, isn’t art just expressing yourself, using pictures or words? I say ignore it, and just let the kids paint over it like they are going to anyways…. They aren’t going to repaint the wall everytime a kid tags the wall are they? I think since this is probably considered a… Read more »


    i live in da Ghetto. In jh and high school classes they let the kids “gaffiti” for art class. Some are very good! and some are questioned and “CRIMED” by police for previous work on buildings.. some kids arnet that smart.


    This is proper graffiti and yes he’s British (from Bristol apparently). He’s got an awesome exhibition at Bristol Museum over the next couple of months. Gonna head on down there and take a look.


    Stupid Brits.

    If they would just shoot people damaging property; this would not be needed.


    It’s not fun if you are allowed to do it.

    They get a rush from having to sneak around and from knowing they are causing damage.


    Then why do you enjoy fucking your whalefriends so much? You’re allowed to do that.

    “They get a rush from having to sneak around and from knowing they are causing damage.”
    Kind of like the damage you do to our intelligence around here. You don’t sneak tho, more like a retarded bull in a retarded china shop.