dwarf fortress

dwarf fortress

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    I mean, ‘zing!’, but reading about this game sort of makes me almost want to play it. It’s definitely super-ambitious and interesting to read about. Procedurally generated games are the wave of the future! And by future, I mean unfortunately-forgotten-past!


    Most inspired, ambitious game I have ever played. Helps if you have the right tile set. I’ve seen dwarves go insane and kill colonies because their favorite cat died. I’ve spend in game months building elaborate lava death traps. I’ve repelled invasions and had dwarves make wondrous bone carvings after entering a strange mood. I’ve… played way too much, and am glad for my break.

    It’s like smoking, though. No one truly quits. Some just take longer breaks than others. I hope I can last longer this time.


    So is this game fun or something?


    not in the slightest.

    It will, however, consume you.

    by entering into this labyrinthine monstrosity, you forfeit all claims you might have originally had on your sanity.


    Depends. You find games like Sims or Spore challenging? This is not the game for you.

    If you love games like Civ4 or Europa Universalis and wish there was a way to make it more complicated so that your mind is in a sea of esoteric decisions processes and only the most lateral of thinking will allow you to finally construct your labyrinth like Mecca?

    Then, yes, this game is fun.


    Your description has just won you +1 internets. use it wisely.


    Beware of carp.


    god this game is taming over my life.
    –Loosing is Fun–


    No, I will not play antiquated, boring city/fortress building games with bad graphics. Thanks anyway. Spore also sucks.


    Go read the saga of Boatmurdered and then tell me again that you have no desire whatsoever to experience this game.