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i am the sutenvulf and i approve this message


Ah, a better version. Nice.

Luke Magnifico

Your god wears a damn silly hat.

You shall be nailed for your stupidity.


Sillier than the Pope’s, or a bishop?


Hey the bible says nothing about a pope or bishop so that doesn’t count.


Nonsense, Catholics believe in the Crucifixion and are followers of Christ, so they most certainly do count, regardless of how incorrect they may be about their interpretation.


But there’s nothing in the bible that you could interpret any way that would make you come to the conclusion that there’s any need for priests, bishops or popes. Not to mention their silly outfits (although priests do tend to look badass sometimes).


The post is not about the bible; it’s about Christianity.


Ok all right. His hat is sillier than the pope’s anyway. Come on, I mean golden wings? Big no no.


btw the edda doesn’t say anything about hats….Vikings did not use hats with horns or wings … it’s something that has been added after…


You give in w/ such good grace. ¶

Your god wears a damn silly hat

God wears a damn silly hat


Sillier than the Pope’s, or a bishop?

the Pope’s, or a bishop?

The Pope, or a bishop

Your argument is invalid.


Yes, but unlike Loki, I’m not crazy enough to tell him so.


Age of Mythology is fun. Also, inb4shitstorm.


good call DarkDsurion, the shitstorm should be inevitable….hur dur god shall smite thee and such.


I fail to see a shitstorm and i don’t think i have once seen on M[C]S somebody saying “god shall smite thee and such.” Also fuck your god. Balder is more hardcore than Thor or Mjöllnir.


What shitstorm?

The lions ate all the Christians.


So I twocked this fuckin’ chariot, and went ridin’ round the town centre, and I hit this fuckin’ old lady. So I hit her handbag, like. And then I heard the rozzers, so I fucked off to get some E’s and scag, and me fuckin hammer… and now I’m here for the fuckin kebab.


so did this line come from Secret Invasion, or did Bendis (whoever) steal it from cheesy motivational posters?


better to worship Odin the Nordic Viking God, die in combat to prove your faith, and spend eternity in Valhalla, eating, drinking and fighting, than to follow Jesus the Jewish Hippy, die in some sad pathetic way, and spend eternity in Heaven sitting on a cloud playing a frikking harp


if you read the last two chapters of Revelation, which is about two and a half pages, you’ll see that the average person’s idea of what “heaven” is has nothing to do with what the bible talks about. god actually comes and lives on the earth with the people. no one goes to some far off mystic land of harpery. the dead in christ are supposed to be resurrected into new bodies which are not tainted with sin like the ones we now reside in. Revelation 21 The New Jerusalem 1Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth,… Read more »


My god forgives me for anything that i do and makes me live forever.

Your god is an asshole with an eternal headache.



if we were on the forums, i’d give you some rep points


🙂 Thank you.



Off to watch The 13th Warrior.


Jesus the son of God was nailed to a cross. Not God himself. I.E. Jesus is not God.


If you ask me, a god who’s willing to let his son get tortured and killed for an abstract reason is a dick god.

Oh, and isn’t this the same god that supposedly brings down plagues upon people for lesser affronts and torments a believer just to prove a point? Yup, a dick god.


nope! sorry, but the whole holy trinity thing trips up that little argument.
jesus IS god, and they both are ALSO The Force.


So, God-Jesus is duct tape?


it’s what got me kicked out of sunday school, but the truth is undeniable.

Just This Guy, You Know?

That’s actually one of the commonly accepted tenets of Christianity. Jesus was an incarnation of God, and so was God made flesh.

The poster has a point, though. Christianity is not a religion known for acts of awesome badassery by it’s central figure, except for that one time when Jesus laid the smackdown on the moneychangers in the temple.


I think living in a desert, with SATAN, for 40 days and 40 nights, is pretty damn hardcore. I spent two weeks in a desert once, and that was fucking hell. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, except maybe Herr Kommissar or Casemods.

But, you are correct.

Anyway, Thor may be awesome, even though this is a rather lame depiction of him (but at least no one is blowing themselves up for it);but the All Father is far more awesome.


Well, that’s great and all, but you people are trying to compare apples and oranges; On the one hand, we have Norse paganism, built around a society that revered battle, whose gods promoted said battle, and dying in battle was the only guarenteed way to earn a spot in Valhalla/Elysium/etc…where you fought and died in battle some more. If you didn’t make it, well that sucked a lot, but you weren’t punished beyond not getting into paradise. Saxons, Celts, Picts, Gauls, Mongols, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Aztecs, and a whole boatload of other “pagan” tribes and countries had the same sort… Read more »


Damn good point guy, and well said, although you used the term ‘variants’ with a pretty hefty dose of stretching. Not that it really makes a difference, but similarities don’t make one a variant of another. If they did, then Christianity could also be called a variant of Norse paganism, because they share quite similar origin myths. But I think your point stands, despite extremely oversimplifying it.


Are you being reasonable? There’s no reason on M[c]S! There’s no reason on M[c]S!
(said in best Tom Hanks voice)


Crying? In baseball??



Yeah, variants is a bit of a stretch, but hell, if I started splitting hairs I could be at this all week, and not just for Christianity. I’m sure the professional theologists have a hard enough time with it. And you are correct, insofar that Christianity is in fact a variant of Norse paganism; you probably already know this, but it was able to spread so rapidly (compared to other religions) by ingesting the customs of whatever religion it was trying to displace. Christmas coincides directly with the winter solstice celebration, takes gift-giving from Saturnalia, and even takes the name… Read more »


Good point, but sadly, your name is exceedingly gay so your argument is instantly rendered invalid. Sorry, thanks for playing.


That was a low blow; I only try to bring the light of reason to the pit of heresy that is M[c]S.


how is making fun of people supposed to change their beliefs?


It doesn’t…durrrrrrrh!


Wagner’s “Flight of the Valkyries” rules (even if Nietzsche didn’t like him. I can still still see Colonel Kilgore blastin’ it over the loud speakers as the First Air Calvary hit the beach :0


your god is a myth, my God is real. any questions?