mandy moore

mandy moore

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    …is not pleased with your shenanigans.


    no, she’s just pissed about the shitty haircut

    Luke Magnifico

    Screw you, her haircut is just lovely, you fucking fucker.


    Yeah, it’s great! For a guy. 😛


    That pic just makes me want to backhand her in the mouth.


    I tend to love short & fancy hairstyles on women.

    But she just looks like a bitch.


    Not only is that haircut hot as fuck, but I think she would like being backhanded in the mouth…and you know what thats hot too.


    Looks like four hours of makeup, six of styling and forty of photoshop.
    That said, short hair rules.

    John L Moore

    The haircut, looks perfect, she is beautiful, and face it peeps, (i mean you haters) she is glamorous and REAL!(gilr next door) without all the crap YA’LL would have to plaster, trying to come close and still look like dogs, Every thing this young woman has touched, has become GOLD!, so hate on!, but respect the fact that she is an accomplished individual with talent, charisma and a light like the sun coming out of her into the world. To the imbecile who said the face makes him/her wanna smack her mouth?, ILL PAY! to see you try, just to… Read more »

    John L Moore

    One more thing, good god i love how real and human she is, and what beautiful skin.


    she is beautiful and the most talented actress cum singer i have ever seen..!!