carrie underwood – sexy cowgirl wallpaper

carrie underwood - sexy cowgirl wallpaper

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    god damn country music. I’m sure this pic gives a bunch of inbred hicks a hard on.

    tiki god

    Are you saying that you don’t think she’s sexy?

    Luke Magnifico

    I think he is. I really do think he is.

    Personally, I would hit it so hard that wild horses could not drag me out.


    Out of curiosity, what the fuck is she wearing? Is that some kind of part-jean-skirt/part regular people skirt thing?


    Country music listener or not you have to admit that this picture is sexy.


    I really can’t stand country music, but damn, they have a lot of the hottest female singers.


    not so hot…


    She’s hot, she’s sexy, I’d do her in the farmhouse.

    Country music sucks!

    Dawg Bonez

    Not so hot huh….lol ive heard it all now, This young women is such a babe, And thou’s that say she is not is either gay or has no taste in sexy women…and for what she is wearing, well all i can say its to much but then again she can wear ne-thing and still be super sexy!!!!