Amazing Spider-Man – Back In Black

Amazing Spider-Man - Back In Black

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    Is that less than subtle product placement putting a Nike sign there? that was the first thing i noticed. i am suspicious.


    Nike sign?


    Why is the first thing you’re looking at is Spidermans COCK????


    Alas, i was not. i was looking at the mark on his chest where the white spider is incomplete. i guess it was more subtle than i thought. why were you checking out his junk?


    I’m pretty sure there isn’t a swoosh in there aside from the codpiece. Also, he is less than amazing. Do not want.


    part of the 3rd leg down on the right side the black suit seems to have a nike sign on it doubt I would have noticed it if it hadent been pointed out, but then again I already own nikes.


    Looks vaguely “swoosh” like, but I seriously doubt it was intended to look like the Nike logo.


    ehhhh, maybe. This only puts me off more.


    Once you go black you never go back


    how many people looked at spidermans junk because i mentioned a Swoosh? i was talking about the mark on the chest where one might expect brand placement. for those of you who did, you should find someone you trust, and have a talk with them

    tiki god

    I looked at the junk, but only because I had no fucking clue what you were talking about. I STILL have no clue.

    wtf are you talking about ?


    wait…spider-man is black?