Sarah Palin Speaking

Sarah Palin Speaking

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    Hey we don’t know if she’s speaking. Her mouth is open is all.

    I prefer her messy we-lost-hair over her %100 perfect we’re-going-to-win-no-matter-how-hair.


    This picture makes her look fat.

    tiki god

    might have been from when she was preggers


    A perfect illustation of the two-chin system at work.


    oxymoron title?


    Tiki fucked up big time on the title. She doesn’t know how to speak. She cannot even answer simple questions.


    Destroy with Fire!


    She speaks just fine. It’s the thinking where she tends to sieze up.


    She speaks like her siblings are very close relatives through out the generations.


    Um… siblings usually are very close relatives.


    Corruption and inside dirty politics personified.

    Attractive ?
    People need to get out more….geez.


    How is she ugly? How many people of her age do you know who look as neat, and stylish (I hate myself for using this word) as her.

    I understand you don’t agree with her politics, but that doesn’t make her ugly.


    Ugly inside becomes ugly outside (to the perceiver) over time,


    While that may be true, in a strange non objective way, I don’t think that’s what he meant.


    He may not have meant it that way exactly, but what you think about a person’s mind can greatly influence your opinion of a person’s attractiveness. You know this already as it is clear that you think this way. How many times have you said that the looks of of people you think brilliant, irrelevant?


    I know quite a few people her age that are very attractive, beat her out cold and are single…
    The reason I mention it though is because of the way her casual charms (if you can call it that) was played up during the elections…I was responding to that. Now if they elect Stormy Daniels to the senate, you won’t hear me say she isn’t attractive (blistering hot actually), you’ll see me saying that a Pron Star has no business going into politics..maybe..oh what a joke the system has become..ugh.

    Jesus Christ

    What is the difference between Sarah Palin’s mouth and her vagina?
    Only half of the things that come out of her vagina are retarded.


    thank you Jesus, funniest joke me heard in a while, my boss was rolling when i tried it on him. seriously though, why are people so obsessed with this dope, she is no more physically attractive than any other frumpy 50something year old hausfrau. her stupidity takes her from average to ugly.


    lmao…that was funny.