Playstation 3 Wallpaper

Playstation 3 Wallpaper

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    LAME ass Spider-Man rip off font.


    LAME ass I couldn’t come up with any witty insults so this will have to suffice.


    LAME ass lack of insult is lacking


    You’re both “lame” and that is a Sony font you douche






    Oh. Alright then.


    Sony owns the Spider-Man franchise. So… it’s less like ripping off, more like recycling.

    I’ll let you guys get back to hating, though. I’ll be over here playing inFamous, or maybe watching a Blu-Ray on my lame ass PS3 — you know, just in case you need me to correct any more of your bad assumptions.


    iz dis sum fanboyism?


    fuck yeah its fanboyism. The PS3 can and does walk cirlces around any other console. Back that with the most powerful handheld (yes even still more powerful than the shiteous 3Gs iPhone) the PSP and you’ve got a killer combination. And inFamous is screaming killer app right about now…

    So why don’t all of you haters do yourself a favor, get a PS3, the price point is perfect whether you think it needs a price cut or not. You won’t regret it when you’re playing games online for FREE and get to particpate in all the cool shit Home has to offer.




    Being an owner of both a PS3 and a Xbox360 i can say playstation is a superior console from a technological standpoint.

    tiki god

    ‘technological standpoint’ sure, but what’s the point of having the ‘technically’ best game console in the world if no one can figure out how to code for it, and you have to pay nearly 2x the price, and the online support is shit?

    Also: netflix, facebook,, twitter, hulu, redtube…all this and more is on the 360.

    so a question for you PS3 tards, what’s your ‘trophy score’? or has sony not gotten their heads out of their asses with their achievement system yet?


    Both here as well and my 360 just collects dust under my desk. Btw, Facebook, Hulu, YouPorn, RedTube, etc. can be done in the built-in browser since it has Flash 9 support. Well, not Netflix yet, probably never will since Netflix relies on WMDRM. But I have enough movies on my PC that I can stream to my PS3 using free programs. The Playstation Store does have rentals for their videos section though, if you don’t want to buy & download a full blu-ray or normal movie.

    You can also download pics, vids and crap off websites like normal (though not as easy unless you have a mouse/keyboard plugged in) with their browser.

    Never bothered with the PSP though. Wsan’t much interested in mobile gaming after my Game Gear. It took the industry forever to get back to real color gaming. By then, most mobile games were crap compared to their console counterpart.


    I love you tiki but seriously?… is twitter and facebook on your game console that great?.. sigh… we’re sitting at our PC’s right now for that teenybopper BS. And last time i checked, the PS3 has a WEB BROWSER for 1/2 of that junk anyway. Don’t be an “xbot” troll bait. They Share 90% of the same games on both and most of the xbox’s exclusives are shooters or crappy. It does have awesome online services tho..for a price. Just enjoy what you’ve got cuz each has its pro’s and con’s and each one cost about the same when you gather up all the stuff Micro$oft nickle and dime’d you for.

    And FYI. I have BOTH the 360 and PS3 so there’s no “hate”…but screw the Wii ;-P


    Where my Wii lovers at?


    PC gaming is where it’s at.

    And Wii in second place.

    Malta Soron

    >PC gaming is where it’s at.



    i love how most xbox owners are so quick to hate on ps3, and most of the the time their arguments are total bullshit. when i was going to purchase a new system i weighed all the options and the PS3 is by far the better system and the better value. PSN is free, and it has blu-ray. A blu-ray player costs like 300$, a year of xbox live is 50$. PSN is free. at the time xbox360 was $350, Add two years of xbl that’s $100, and then add on a blu ray player 300$(cause i wouldve ended up buying one) and that’s 750$ and the ps3 was $500. so in theory i saved myself 250$ and will save an additional 50$ every year by not having xbox live.

    tiki god

    bullshit. you spent money by spending money You don’t save money by spending money. That’s crazy talk. You’re now stuck with a system that barely has any games on it (what, maybe 5 good ones if you stretch it?) and has an horrid online system. PSN is free, sure, just like a crack whore’s ass is. Are you fucking crack whores’ asses though? I doubt it, because that’s just SICK.

    Also, why the fuck would you be spendin g$100 on a year of XBL? it’s like 30-35 bucks for one.

    Do you have unified buddylists on the ps3? do you have voice over gaming for every game? what happens when one of the PS3 software devs decide to charge for their online services?

    the xbox is by far the better of the two major consoles, the PS3 is just a good way of wasting money. everyone that’s suggesting otherwise is just butthurt from wasting that same cash.


    It saves money when you want a Blu-Ray player, too. Which came in handy in my situation(the wife and I really wanted a Blu-Ray player, I really wanted a new console – and no RRoD, hahah – so the decision made itself).

    There’s only been about two games I really wanted to play that are 360 only(Left 4 Dead and the GTAIV add-ons), but inFamous, LittleBigPlanet and the ability to play as Joker in Arkham Asylum easily make up for that.

    Couldn’t care less about trophies, ranks and stats — that stuff is mostly for OCD shut-ins, anyway.

    Honestly, it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you just want to sit in your basement 24 hours a day and shoot at zombies(since they won’t allow you to shoot real people instead), then the 360 is the way to go. However, if you have, you know, a life, spent with real people you don’t immediately want to shoot at, then – with the PS3 – you have the option to invite those friends over to watch a movie in hi-def… AND can still shoot zombies and stream porn and tv shows on the side when nobody’s looking. Oranges and apples. Some people will never understand this.


    Anybody eager to trump anybody else in the price wars – even Wii fans – should read this first. Mind you, this list doesn’t include the price of the 360’s wireless adapter, which you would need to get a fair comparison.


    You can also remove the price of the charging station from the PS3, since its controllers charge via usb.


    Wireless adapter my ass. I just run a Cat5 Ethernet cable straight from my modem to my Xbox. Ta-da.


    I’ll be happy to repeat myself. I said “to get a fair comparison”, which means to give the 360 similar capabilities to what the PS3 offers straight out of the box(which is wifi, bluetooth, and so on), and vice versa.

    Cables work fine for some, but it’s great to have wifi when your router and consoles are in different rooms, like mine.


    Seriously, if your argument for “best” console revolves around


    Hit Enter too soon apparently.

    Seriously, if your argument for “best” console revolves around inane bullshit such as having access to an intolerable site such as Twitter and sharing your online stats with out basement dwellers, you need to get out more.

    I’m an old-school-type gamer, and I don’t give a fuck about high scores anymore (and that’s all we had to give a damn about back then). It’s about having fun, not about having a social life within a fucking console.

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