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*adjusts tint*

THERE. Now he’s the president of the Smurfs!


too funny!!!




He’s half white and half black. Still not the first black president.


He’s also got an X chromosome.

Oh my god, HE’S HALF WOMAN!


Aww, he’s not really black, that’s right. Because if he were an ordinary man walking down the street, you would know he’s only half black just by looking at him, am I right?

Oh yeah and, the majority of blacks in America is mixed, so you can wait for the first real black president until you’re blue in the face.


What you don’t seem to understand is that almost all mixed people with African-American blood tend to act is if they are completely black. There’s no embracing some bullshit white background, because for most Americans, there’s not much background. If the mixed individual has a parent of more immediately strong ancestry (such as if his father is a practicing Jew or Hispanic) then it might affect him to an extent.

In my experience, if your mixed black in America, then you’re all black or at least you think you are.


What? Why did you tell me that, because of the first line in my reply? I was being sarcastic, Joseph.

I know that, duh. I wasn’t talking about their culture, or social make up, I was specifically talking about actual genetic facts as we know them. Since rafter thought he’s so smart by pointing out that Obama is mixed.

Gee Joseph what’s up with you, did you forget who I am.


Oh, yeah. We got an ETA on an Blondie rant in this thread yet?


At his earliest convenience.


WHAT?! HE IS BLACK?! *clings to his guns and religion*


Don’t forget your virulently anti-gay rhetoric and literal interpretations of the Bible! 😀


Speaks like a red.Policies are a bit of a gray area.But I bet he won`t be yellow with North Korea.Eh,he`s a rainbow.


Well he is from Hawaii.


I guess after Bush, they will let anyone be president, even browns! He’s brown, not black…


If I was a half and half I would take to the cooler trendier side. Maybe I can get recognize for my skin color not my ideas. Octo mom lips before you say anything JUST SHUT THE PHUCK UP.

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

Yaaa take THAT!

Can you handle THAT?

A black president?

Can you handle it…maj o ri ty?

lol @ everyone who thinks they’re fighting the power when in fact they are the power.