life explained by buttons

life explained by buttons

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    Ya, I am not seeing any buttons, just a toggle and some knobs


    A woman told Tiki to give it this title, probably.

    tiki god

    flippin switches bitch


    What’s the message supposed to be here? Men are boring and 2 dimensional? They are no more complicated than an electric vibrating dildo?

    I can’t tell if this is supposed to be making fun of men, or if it was made by a man, who is for some reason proud of being a simp.


    I don’t think its pertaining to men being 2 dimensional. I’m pretty sure it is explaining how women are so complex. Men think and see things as literal (black and white), Women tend to make and see simple things complex (color). Of course they’re a few women who can be black and white and color… I am one of them. Hooray for the “X” generation!


    What a load of self-impressed faffery.


    Complexity does not equal depth.


    Hmmm kinda not what I was saying, but ok?! I never said anything about complexity equaling depth. If that was about my comment then reply to me other than that you don’t make sense, but whatever????