Nuclear Steam Stacks

Nuclear Steam Stacks

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    I think this shall be my new wallpaper.

    I had a conversation with this girl recently about nuclear power…she wasn’t aware that it was purely steam coming from those towers, she thought it was radioactive death smoke.

    tiki god

    people like that are idiots, and after conversations with them about things like this, I have to go wash my brain out with liquor.


    You must talk to those people all the time then!


    @colonel: Win.


    You made me lol. Aww… that girl is so sweet in her silliness :3


    Lol “radioactive death smoke”
    The last conversation I had that touched on nuclear power was with a Lyndon Larouche PAC supporter outside the DMV. He told me that the issue of spent fuel containment will be solved by pebble reactors which “reuse the fuel until it isn’t radioactive any more”. He also said that Obama’s health care reform program will set us upon a slippery slope towards Nazi-like euthanasia of the elderly.


    Acid rain means nothing I guess?

    And yay for xmen origins fan boy pics!


    : Wut? Acid rain? Are you the girl that was talking to?


    Yeah, what does water vapor have to do with acid rain? Acid rain, my dear, comes from the old style (non-modernized) coal power plants, the kind that Communist China is building at a current rate of 1 a week (which is bad news not just for global warming, but Chinese miners who are being killed at a rate of about 500 hundred a month due to their horrid conditions, no OSHA there you know).

    As for spent fuel, France (who now get almost 90% of it’s electricty from nuclear power) uses refined spent fuel in many of it’s reactors.


    where is this reactor at, it looks nice.


    Driving through western Pennsylvania last winter, I passed a few remote areas with nuclear plants. Goddam awful looking.


    Why would you say that? Nuclear plants and fossil plants almost identical, they both have cooling towers and exactly the same buildings to make electricty. Besides no carbon emissions, the main difference is there is no large areas for daily fuel arrivals and fuel storage at a nuclear plant. In fact, coal plants are many times larger and everything is covered in coal dust, whereas, a nuclear plant is very small and virtually spotless.


    I find it amusing that we have split the atom, and our primary use of such a technique is to boil water.


    …into steam, which then turns a huge turbine that generates electricity.


    I find saborlas’ sense of humor amusing.
    On another note: How many people have died annually from Uranium production, relative to tons produced of Ore-X or Ore-Y? wow. i just tried. i couldnt say it 5-times-fast.


    Go by relative energy mined. Remember, the energy equivalency of 1 pound of nuclear fuel is 1.5 million pounds of that of coal. So, you’ll need to multibly the coal production deaths by 1,500,000 to equate against uranium mining deaths.

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