Battle of the movement keys

Battle of the movement keys

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    wasd bitches, any mouse-and0keyboard scheme FPS players will agree.


    I play FPSs (and basically use everything on the PC) left-handed even though I’m right handed, so I use arrow keys. I also use a keyboard that has the “|\” below the Enter key, so I get to use that to map crouch/prone/grenade, whatever. All the keys I used are remapped around the arrow keys; so the numpad keys,as well as home, insert, PgDn, (etc.), Shift, Ctrl are all my bitches. Other stuff is mapped to my Copperhead mouse buttons. If a game doesn’t let me remap to the arrows, it better let my use my PS3 or Xbox controller… Read more »


    I prefer to map as many keys as possible to my mouse. i can’t stand taking my fingers off of WASD. My method of FPS playing requires a lot of blitzkrieg style attacks, i only stay still when sniping (which is my favorite thing to do) or when i am doing metal gear style infiltration.

    Shanghai_Factor is where it’s at for FPS


    All arrows. All the way.

    All re-mapped of course.

    my ring finger and pinky can hit everything I need.


    Instead of W, I map ASDF for movement. For some reason W doesn’t do it for me.


    WASD definitely. I was against it at first (remapping everything to arrow keys) but I was surprised at how intuitive it is after even just half an hour or so.


    Yet another 400×400 picture turned wallpaper.


    Where are the VI folks and the hjkl keys?!