The Mighty Avengers

The Mighty Avengers

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    tiki god

    Goddammit, how many avengers teams are there now?


    Mighty, New, Dark, Young. Then there is the Avengers: Initiative. Also, some argue, and by some I mean very few argue, The Great Lakes Avengers who changed their name to Great Lakes Initiative.


    Dont forget the Pet Avengers!

    And this is old. Ms Marvel is in the New Avengers, Iron Man is on the run, Sentry and Ares are in the Dark Avengers, Wasp is dead and her husband is wearing her clothes, and Black Widow 2 is in the Thunderbolts. I don’t know what Wonder Man is up to though.


    didnt ms marvel get pwnt by rouge?
    take it easy on me. i havent been following her all that much.


    The storyline this image was taken from was a complete yawn. Even Cho’s art couldn’t liven it.


    Save for Iron Man, this is perhaps one of the lamest teams I have ever seen. Does Black Widow have any super powers or is she just a chick with a gun? With maybe one reload to an awful small magazine. I suppose it’s some super infinite ammo gun with magic evil seeking bullets? Sentry and Wonder Man just make me laugh. What’s Sentry’s power? He waits by the door? Super Hall Monitor? and Ares… the cruel god of strife… is supposed to be a hero? A one-legged hero who is somehow supposed to be more intimidating by giving him… Read more »


    Wonder Man is denouncing his time with The Avengers in general. Apparently he finds his time with them violent, childish and stupid for thinking they could make the world a better place by punching. I am not saying he was wrong but I think if you find the things you do appalling then speak up and try to fix your problem instead of bitching about it and do nothing.

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