Swing Door Countach

Swing Door Countach

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    One of my favorite vehicles of all time.Even after 30 years it still looks futuristic.


    Same here. I’ve lusted and lusted after one.

    Ebay has one for sale. Currently at $79,500. Only 28K in mileage.

    Then again, who could afford to drive it. I hear tune-ups are like $5K.


    I want to fuck that sweet ass.

    tiki god

    I’d Highly suggest viewing Top Gear’s review of this car.


    Swing Door??? Every car Ive owned door’s swing open. Now Clam Shell/Scissor doors are different story.

    Thought this car was cool when I was 10 and watched Cannonball Run. Cool for the first real “Super” car.


    I’ve had sex in the drivers seat of a Murcielago roadster. (It was parked at the time)

    Just thought I’d share that with you all.

    Guy let me drive back to the party, which was much more satisfying than the sex.


    If the interior is anything like my Gallardo, I’m not surprised.


    stop trying to be cool on the internet by lying.

    Anyways, my Murcielago shits all over your Gallardo


    Ah Countach… my favorite dream car. This one doesn’t have the large V spoiler though – IT MUST HAVE THE SPOILER and then it is my favorite.


    ewwww! What’s that white splorch below the Lamborghini badge!?!


    That would be the white logo of Lamborghini, a bull.


    you would think that a car this expensive would have electric windows instead of crank windows! lol

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