The Trilogy Meter

The Trilogy Meter

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    Billy Manic

    Obligatory REPOST


    3, 2, 1, fail.


    I saw REPOST. Horrible movie.


    Repost…and still wrong the second time around.


    I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but I think tis is a repost and inaccurate as well.


    i agree. this is incorrect about a great many things in my opinion. for instance: empire strikes back was not the best of the 3; i liked all the godfather parts (i just watched all 3 for the first time over the last 3 days), but i liked the first part more than the second; and while i havent actually watched the alien sequels, the first was awesome and i doubt the sequels were anything but crap. like the halloween series.


    See! You fell right into Tiki’s trap or reigniting my… er… the original arguments!

    A) The Empire Strikes back is the best. Bar none.

    B) Godfather I & II are the #2 & 3 highest ranked movies on IMDB (and just as high on a billion other sites). Try to find Godfather III on any list.

    C) Go see Aliens. Just do it. You owe this to yourself. It’s by mother-fucking James Cameron, and the guy knows action sequels. Just don’t watch any sequels after that.


    “while i havent actually watched the alien sequels, the first was awesome and i doubt the sequels were anything but crap.”

    There’s a convincing argument if I’ve ever seen one.


    @ 24601 whoa there, calm down. instead of just taking one quote from my post, look at the whole thing. i said “in my opinion.” not fact by any stretch of the imagination. based on my experience, a vast majority of the time, sequels are never nearly as good as the first part.

    i really like “alien” and havent seen the other installments. i was only stating my doubt that “aliens” was better than the first.


    For Back to the Future, part 1 I liked a ton as well as part 3. Part 2, on the other hand, I can skip without feeling any sort of remorse.

    As for Indiana Jones, I did enjoy them all, but I happened to have liked the third one the most; haven’t seen part 4 yet.


    Am I the only one to notice Superman is not a trilogy (even if this is outdated by a couple of years)?


    7 of those movies listed are not trilogies. planet of the apes is 5 movies, jaws is 4, star wars is 2 trilogies, Batman is 4, star trek is 10, Christopher Reeves’ Superman was 4, and die hard is 4. That doesn’t include Rambo, Rocky, Star Trek and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.


    Oops. I forgot one. Alien is a Quadrilogy. 4 movies.


    And as of a week ago Terminator is 4 movies too.


    So basically it’s not a trilogy meter. Just a sequel meter.


    The Lord O Teh Rings was also written as 6 books

    FUCK YOU PETER JACKSON, way to fuck up a good read


    I strongly disagree with Alien rating.
    The 3rd was very good, I still can’t understand why people did not like it (besides “teh evil Fincher killed the girl and the marine in the opening credits”).