gang signs- no its not cerebral palsy – or is it

gang signs- no its not cerebral palsy - or is it

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    Idiocy knowns no boundaries.


    Look guys! I derive my identity through the positioning of my fingers! And I’m cool because of it! Yea!


    you fail

    Alec Dalek

    But he’s absolutely right. You fail.



    1. without exception; completely; wholly; entirely: You are absolutely right.
    2. positively; certainly.
    3.(of a transitive verb) without an object.
    4.(used emphatically to express complete agreement or unqualified assent): Do you think it will work? Absolutely!

    you must know every gangsta, thug, wangsta, wannabe thug. wow i never know that.. good luck riding the fail train.

    tiki god

    middle finger fail!


    2 things about wiggers.

    They are either:

    Really hard and respected by known gang members, or are lame and only weak, lame “gangsters” that just happen to know the real gangsters hang with them, as shown in this picture.

    I hate gangsters as much, if not more then the next guy, but I’m just saying. I hate seeing Caucasian’s like this. It’s natural for browns and blacks but cmon…


    “It’s natural for browns and blacks but cmon…” you cannot be serious. you cannot be fucking serious for me to see what im seeing lol. please casemods if you want to talk about a subject at least know something more about it. and it’s not natural and it will never be. you make theories based upon amount. which is bad.