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    tiki god

    I haven’t tried this yes, but I’m downloading the demo. anyone have opinions yet?


    more Halo 3…meh? I don’t know, it seems like they’re trying to make it like rainbow six or maybe even like that SW Republic Commando with the squad base commands. squad based commands suck…

    also there is news on a new title called Halo:Reach…details probably incoming next week!

    tiki god

    recon isn’t squad based afaik, and Halo:Reach is reportedly the movie adaptation.

    I’d be perfectly happy if they keep on keepin on with the series, I’m a huge fan of the mythology behind it.


    This isn’t an expansion pack. You don’t play as the chief, you play as a elite (not Sangheili) human soldier who, from what I understand, can actually die pretty fast when faced against Brutes. I don’t like the lack of Elites, though.


    fuck. yeah, i didn’t read the whole article, i was at work.

    I think Halo is great for the story line, but then to depart to Halo Wars (which I didn’t pick up) it seemed like they were about to abandon the series and go in any direction whatever studio wanted it to, not being linearally coherent at all (think star wars, again). Perhaps the definitive Halo 4 needs to come out…

    ODST just feels like a glorified expansion pack (?) but i’m all about getting it for the collection and i’ll go through it.

    tiki god

    aw hell no. Halo Wars is the shit, and fills in a lot of the backstory of the Halo mythology.

    I love that game, and I’m going to get back into it when I fulfill my Halo3 quota for the month.


    Speaking of the background, some of the novels for Halo were actually excellent. I wasn’t particularly found of the first game adaptation, but the others are great. I particularly like Ghosts of Onyx (I want a game with Spartan 3s damnit) and Contact Harvest.

    I have not yet played much of Halo Wars, but I intend to damnit.


    And I just found out (and became excited) about this.

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