Multi-Multi Boxing World of Warcraft

Multi-Multi Boxing World of Warcraft

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    Not pictured: Mounds of Hot Pocket boxes and a veritable mountain of a mix of Red Bull and Monster energy drink cans.


    This is just silly.


    And expensive. Every game window you see in the pic is ~$15/month, plus the cost of all that hardware and I’m guessing higher end high speed than the 3mb we get around here.

    tiki god

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that he’s not multiboxing just for the pleasure of it, and that there’s likely more money coming into his house then leaving with this setup


    I would hope he is making money…

    Luke Magnifico

    Yeah, he says he just does it so he can raid on his own, but….seems a little excessive just so you have minimal contact with people.


    this is about a year old, when the expansion came out he spent thousands of dollars to upgrade. it looks like he’s playing 26 toons.

    once again, we see that fine line between king douchebag nerd and the goddamned batman. i don’t know where this guy lands.


    God, that scungy wrist-pad makes me cringe.


    What is the point of this? Leveling multiple toons to sell?


    I have a hard time using even ONE of that type of mouse let alone 7 at once…


    There is no video game I like enough to be this dedicated to it. In fact I’m not sure I like anything enough to be this dedicated.


    how about sex?


    Wow and sex are almost always mutually exclusive.