doubleplus ungood

doubleplus ungood

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    Ah yes. More tinfoil hat propaganda about security cameras…

    tiki god

    a security camera raped and killed my entire family you insensitive ass hole. There’s a reason everyone hates them!!!


    Tyger, ur doin it rong

    Luke Magnifico

    No tinfoil hats?

    Fine by me. Have fun having your brain scanned by evil alien presences.

    Also: you fail.


    Tinfoil hats actually conduct the rays from Orbital Mind Control Lasers bette than regular headgear. You need a Faraday Beany.


    You ARE correct! On both counts. I think the shadow government has been propagating the tin-foil-hat propaganda to try to trick the free thinkers to use what will make them more susceptible to the mind-control rays!

    Luke Magnifico

    But my tinfoil shako makes me look like such a playa!


    The best book of the 20th century.


    doupleplusungood? Thats a metric fucktonne of bad shit!


    What does a scanner see?

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