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tiki god

I’m confused, isn’t the white wedding dress for ‘pure’ brides only?

And isn’t black canary a whore that fucked batman on the pier?


That’s not really a dress, though. And “All Star Batman and Robin” isn’t really worthwhile enough to debate.

Overall, the marriage of GA/BC is yet another abomination happening in comics lately. You know what effed up X-Men? The Cyclops-Marvel Girl wedding. Once you do that to a couple, it wrecks everything. Just like having David and Maddie have sex on Moonlighting.

fracked again

I think the cut of the “dress” somewhat suggests that purity isn’t that important.

Beyond that, the white dress only became popular when the current queen of England got married, so its more fashion than anything.


WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT SHE IS WEARING!! it’s the black Canary for christ sake