the shat

the shat


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    He just thinks he’s “The Shat”




    You know. Went to Chula Vista for NIN, took Annarchy for her birthday. Booked Priceline. Got to my hotel and the person said “all of our rooms are already filled, you cant have a room here, oh, and when priceline charges you, theyre getting all the money, dont come after us, we never recieved any of it.”

    Get a room at the best western accross the street and call priceline. After I had been put on hold I got an itinerary via email with an address in san diego, all of my email itineraries id gotten so far only said “Southern california Travelodge”

    They shamelessly bait and switched me and then charged me for 2 nights in a hotel I never saw.

    Priceline are scammers, and I used to love the commercials, but now I cant because they took 150 dollars from me and never tendered the services I paid for. Dont use Priceline, that way you can still enjoy the commercials.


    sleep in a bush, its free


    : Ya, but all the bushes in the area were taken. It was the dodgy area of Chula. The whole square block of it. Actually there was a gang hanging out in and around a room in the Travelodge, so it was actually a good thing that we got to stay at the Best Western, I just would have rather paid ONLY for the room i was in.


    If it was put on a credit card, you do know you can contest the payment right. Since you can prove you didn’t get what you paid for, Priceline would have to prove that you did before the CC company would actually give them any money. I in general despise CC companies but fraud protection is one thing i’ve never had any issues with with any i’ve had to deal with. Though you have to start the process as soon as it happens. longer you wait the less likely anything will be done about it.


    Denny Crane.


    … one of the best telly characters ever created.

    You gotta love his ego, gotta love his self-indulgence and you gotta love someone that incapsulates the entire American Republican Party ideals in one character:

    guns, women, booze, sex and god.

    fracked again

    Wonder if he’s still pissed that he didn’t get to be in the new Star Trek with Lenny.

    tiki god

    I hear he was hella pissed off. they even had a good bit part for him, but they decided not to offer it to him.

    Fucking JJ


    The shat…is the man!


    “How did you score this?”

    “Are you kidding me? I’m William Shatner, I can score anything”


    I’m sure no one will believe me, so I don’t know why even I’m posting this, but:

    I fucked him.

    It was almost exactly a year ago. I was visiting a friend who goes to law school at UCLA. We went out to a salsa club (which is one of the few non-nerdy things I do well). After dancing a bit, he told me his name and there was a pause, like I should be impressed, and he said, “you know, from Star Trek?”. And I was like, “Yeah, I’m from Seattle.” and he laughed. So we ended up going back to my friend’s apartment, drank some wine, and well…

    I think I’ve still got some pictures on my old cell phone. I’ll check when I get home.

    Professor Cramulus

    mmm, delicious copypasta!


    With a delighful mini-meme sauce.


    The shit?

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