the dukes of hazzard

the dukes of hazzard

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    Gary Generic

    Haven’t seen it. I can’t even make it through the trailer without running downstairs and kicking my neighbor’s puppy.




    Sometimes a cigar is a BIG, BROWN DICK IN YOUR MOUTH.


    TERRIBLE movie based off of good TV show (for its time).


    movie was pretty good, my 2 main beefs are: 1. daisy duke was a brunette and 2. boss hogg was short and fat, not tall and skinny. i really enjoyed sitting in the theater in illinois(this came out right after i graduated bootcamp and i got to see it on base for free) and pointing things out in ATL. yep, my home state is awesome. anyone that wants to be georgian we will welcome you with open arms, anyone not like us… who needs ya

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