A Sad Joker

A Sad Joker

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    It’s just so tragic, to loose him that way.

    We miss you Heath.


    do you think about him when you sleep? when you shit? when you watch porn? i think not.


    I don’t miss him. He was a good Joker, that’s about it. It’s unfortunate, yes, but I don’t feel a personal connection, I felt sadder when Pat Morita died.

    Just let it go, fuckin’ idiots.


    i hate him Brokeback Mountain made John Wayne roll in his grave gay cowboys, WTF???
    im glad hes dead
    one less queer in the world

    Doctor Thompson

    really my only problem with brokeback mountain was how obvious of a concept they picked. everyone knows cowboys are gay, no need to make a movie to inform the world.



    Cowboys are not gay. They were herding sheep. They were fucking SHEEP HERDERS.

    holy fuck.


    fuck you thompson
    cowboys are anything but gay
    watch Tombstone and then tell me they are, hell watch any cowboy movie, play GUN or Red Dead Revolver READ A GOD DAMN HISTORY BOOK the west was for men not fags you dont know shit

    Gary Generic

    Homosexual activities occurred between cowboys more often than most people would think. Not as much as pirates or Greeks, but similar to prison inmates. It was a way of KILLING LONELINESS.


    Wow, this thread of responses is just the best that the internet has to offer, surely. One misspelling of the word “lose”, one hard ass who would begrudge someone a little sense of loss over a (I’m guessing) favorite actor, and a homophobe/troll. I’m pretty sure the Doc is just sarcastic, but if he would just contribute some dick shitting nipples, this particular thread could just be packaged up and shipped over to 4chan.


    Am I included in that summary?




    . Maybe. “just let it go” was fine, but the “fuckin’ idiots” is a bit like “I got too close to real sentiment, I should do something manly to rectify it.”


    It’s that I hate it when people cling on to dead people. It’s even worse when it’s not their “loved” ones. To see a picture and get all butthurt all of a sudden, there has to come a time in which you have to let it go, specially when it’s someone you didn’t know nor were going to. Sure you can feel bad and express it but there has to be a line somewhere. *pops up a pic of Heath’s Joker* “OOOOH BAWWWWWWWW RIP HEATH I WILL MISS YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY HEART” This the type of fuckin’ idiot… Read more »


    He’s sad because he knows he’s dead.


    Gary Scenario its a HIM song idiot
    god i hate you ppl


    You should hate HIM.


    He really doesn’t look that sad. More like a normal face, such as while performing menial tasks.


    This is in the beginning when he made the epic altered Nietzsche quote right, his face just looked intense not sad. The moment when he says “stranger” is so fucking good. I rewatched that snippet at least a dozen times.


    We miss you dude!