garter piercings

garter piercings

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    is her hair making up the garter weaving? that is truly sick…would not want at all.


    Doesn’t look like hair to me; looks like two kinds of string—one thin, one thick. It’s just that her hair is overlapping it.

    I had a student who did this to her front…and it got infected and scarred. Not a good idea.


    ya i was wondering about that


    I thought that was a corset piercing. Odd. I wonder what the difference is between the two.


    Yes, it is a Corset piercing. Whatever info Tiki got about the picture is wrong, not that that’s a surprise on the internet…


    it is a corset piercing, and i dig it…


    As if lip/eyebrow/navel piercings weren’t creepy and/or unhygienic enough.


    That is completely ridiculous. Like anything of its kind, you have to properly maintain, clean the areas and keep bacteria out of it. Nearly everyone I know (from grandparents to toddlers) have at least one piercing.

    I don’t like her set-up, but I do kind-of like the idea.


    I’ve come to the conclusion that I must be a lot more allergic to pain than a lot of other folks. 😛 Or maybe i’m just smart enough to avoid shit that hurts. One or the other I guess.


    I don’t know about corset piercings but most of them are not really painful. I felt a real pressure and, just when I was sure it was gonna get painful, it was over.
    People suspend themselves w/ hooks put through their back skin.


    I used to see these 8 years ago in college. Really cool in person, but you have to wonder what kind of maintenance goes into it.


    Distinctly not a garter piercing. Definitely a corset piercing. Garter. Corset. (Links chosen to be as SFW as possible)


    this chick is a huge slut

    i can tell because of my trainings


    The plumber’s crack is a -3 modifier on her “Comeliness” roll.


    From my (limited) understanding, this kind of
    piercing doesn’t really need to be ‘maintained,’
    as it is usually only in for a short time.

    I’m guessing that this chick is at some tattoo
    convention or other sort of idiot jamboree.


    yeah, this sort of thing is normally only done as a special occaision sort of thing. its definately just a short term thing


    I would want to bang her, only because she has to be freaky.


    it’s really hard to spooge on her back with all that shit on there.


    Finish the job! I see a crack at the bottom.


    I see what you did there!

    BTW, I want to see the rest of HER ASS!


    I know someone with these kind of piercings.


    Lamb pretty soon you will need this on your face.