Chaos Space Marine

Chaos Space Marine

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    Lucius the Eternal Emperor’s Children Chaos Space Marine


    Did you read any of the Horus Heresy series? Lucius is awesome.


    @ suicydking: word. read all the way up till battle for the abyss. Lucius is a cocky mf.

    I run a competitive 1750 Chaos Marine list. Haven’t yet tested Lucius though (prob will this coming week) nor have I tried Noise Marines (I play against a lot of Necron/Imperial Marine players which I need those AP3 bolter shots).


    My buddy runs a list ripe with Noise marines and fronts it with Lucius. It ca be pretty mean in an assault situation, and those noise weapons punch holes in things.

    What’s really neat though, is he runs it with loyalist models, converted to represent the noise weapons and such. It’s sort of a ‘in the midst of turning’ Chaos force.


    Is Lucius that fucker who won’t die? The one who if you kill him, you become him?

    Woo-hoo for Slaanesh followers though 🙂


    Thought for the Day: Light your way in the darkness with the pyres of burning traitors.