this photo will be noticed for its composition

this photo will be noticed for its composition

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    Oh yeah, those are some nice compositions.


    Actually, quite good use of the rule of thirds to draw the eye in to her bodacious tatas.


    such a whore


    That had better be a “such a whore” of approval, bud.

    Tits make everything better.

    Except, maybe… men. Blech!


    @ack: you acting like a whore never did anything good for you. they are good for some things you know..


    Those tits will be noticed for their voluptuocity.


    Oye, guay! Me acting like a whore has done everything for me!

    A man whore has to be proud of his whoring! Arrrrr!

    A man should also be proud that he has no man-boobs. Man-boobs kind of kill the whole man-whore thing.

    Luke Magnifico

    I notice that this photo is composed of boobs, some words that I haven’t gotten around to read yet, some empty space, and some boobs.


    aye, it will be noticed for it’s composition of titties!!!!!

    by the way, i am bringing titties back, i am sick of calling the boobs, boobies, chest cushions etc… titties is such a fun word to say. try to say it out loud(must say it LOUDLY) with out a little grin coming to your face. impossible to do. TITTIES!!!!!!!


    @rebel4309: stop smoking dude


    @ColumbianMonkey: stop smoking? i wish i could smoke again, i am active duty Navy, all i can smoke is my cigarettes. i got a minimum of 16 more years before i can smoke the wacky tabacky. unless it gets legalized by some miricale of the gods that is…


    @rebel4309: move here where i live. it’s legal and in some province you can even grow for yourself like 3 or 4 trees


    i sure will.