Superman killed batman

Superman killed batman

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    Video killed the radio star is all I can think of GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD.

    Luke Magnifico

    Superman is not Darkseid.

    Why must you persist in lying.


    i read on friday that it wasn’t even batman’s body. so superman took a random corpse and dressed it up like batman?
    this is why i only steal comics from the internet now instead of paying for them.


    And “Happy Miracle Monday” to you too, Tiki!

    Luke Magnifico

    terwilligher: Wait what the fuck

    I’m so confused.

    fracked again

    I think you can guess what I’m thinking.


    Batman went up against Darkseid alone. Darkseid hits Batman with his Omega eye beam thing. Superman shows up in time to see the corpse fall to the ground. Supes grabs it and goes to where the other heroes are; all pissed off and stuff. Little do they know is that Batman is in the far, far past with cavemen. It doesn’t make much sense to me either, but the Battle for the Cowl story line is pretty good so far.


    Hey Supes, watcha got there?
    “It’s the goddamn Batman Barbeque”


    The Flash: Hey supey what you got there?
    Superman: buttsex
    The Flash: …but you’re holding batman
    Superman: 🙂
    The Flash: ….is he DEAD???
    Superman: 😀




    I heard pray-tell that it really would not take much for superman to kill the batman……. like at all…. like… AT ALL…. more easily than slicing butter with a butter knife for us.

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