The Lantern Corps

The Lantern Corps


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    What is there to explain. This is win. That is all.


    Oh, and this should answer your question.


    Curiously doesn’t explain the black lantern though…


    According to Wikipedia Black Corps is the following:

    * Almost nothing is known about these Black Lantern Corps, whose power rings reanimate the dead and draw power from a Central Power Battery built from the corpse of the Anti-Monitor and located on the Dead World of Ryut in space sector 666. The Black Lantern power rings bear the symbol of Black Hand. Since the Black rings symbolize a total absence of emotion and life their power source remains unknown. Black Hand is the first Black Lantern to appear and had already dig the body of Batman. Also the Guardian of the Universe known as Scar has some connection with the Black Corps. Others to be candidates to become a Black Lantern are the Earth 2 Superman, the Martian Manhunter, Firestorm and Aquaman. They have their own separate oath:

    The Blackest Night falls from the skies
    The darkness grows as all light dies
    We crave your hearts and your demise
    By my black hand
    The dead shall rise!

    How sexy is that. I’d hit it.


    This is the gayest idea since…since…since Christ I can’t even come up with one. How unoriginal do you have to be, after decades, that all you can come up with to expand the GL universe is to add a corps for every color of the rainbow—plus black, because you know black means they’re really, really, *reaalllllly* evil.

    DC’s gone to shit.


    I don’t know what’s weirder:

    The fact that DC let them go down the Rainbow Bright route of adding every color, or

    That it’s so freaking well written. ‘Tis puzzling. Even as a non-DC fan it’s been damn good whenever I check it out.


    Is the United Lantern Corp oath “TASTE THE RAINBOW MOTHERFUCKERS”…?


    It looks like a super-heroic gay pride parade.


    Actually it’s the logical extension of the entire idea of the corps. If you are talking about harnessing the power behind the rings and are involving some kind of spectrum related science behind it, then the other colors have to have influence/precedence of some kind. I like the idea. It gives the whole origin behind the series more credulence. As for the dead bats, well, that shit reeks of dead supes, dead caps, etc, etc, etc. Profitable tie ins abound….


    A very smart approach has been taken towards this idea, which could have turned out terrible. Each color is linked to a different emotion, Red=Rage, Orange=Avarice, Yellow=Fear, Green=Will, Blue=Hope, Indigo=Compassion, Violet=Love and Black=Death. Rookie Green lanterns tend to be beaten by Sinestro corps because Fear can trump Will. The Blue Lanterns are spiritual leaders, and the blue ring is potentially the most powerful, being able to defeat the red, orange and yellow rings easily, because Hope can overcome Rage, Greed, and Fear. However, if there is no Green Lantern in close proximity to a Blue Lantern, they are powerless. Hope means nothing without Will. Because the Red and Violet colors are at the ends of the color spectrum, the rings tend to alter the thought processes of the bearers, leading them to be driven more by raw emotion than by logic.


    Also, I’d just like to throw this out there…what’s up with the art on that Indigo Lantern?


    Yea, they totally shat on the indigo lantern.


    multi_masked: thats not what she looks like at all in the comics, it looks like fan art or something? not sure what’s going on there.


    Modern storylines are based on making you as confused as possible til you THINK it makes sense.


    veeryyyyyyyyyyyygoooooooooooood !

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