summer glau is very flexible pictures

summer glau is very flexible pictures

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    I’ve always been undecided about Summer..

    Until now, perhaps. Om nom.


    24601: Same here.


    not me, i have always found her to be very NOMable


    She always looks bored to death.


    (s)=plural=meaning more than one.
    picture=no (s)=singular
    Singular=meaning one (1)=non-plural
    non-plural=meaning no more than one (1).
    Are we all on the same page now?
    Next we will topic will be:
    There, Their, and They’re (They are)
    Which will then be followed by:
    You, Your, and You’re (You are)

    Nemo Intermundorum

    24601: Same. She’s pretty, but her face just always has that “This is boring. I’d rather kill you” look to it. What a body though. Nom.


    Any girl can do this. All they need to do is try to do a split as well as they can, every day for at least a month, plus stretching before uh splitting or vital stuff is gonna break, and BAM they’re prima ballerinas.

    I don’t know who she is and until now I thought her pictures were boring but this, is flawless.


    she is from my hometown, and my aunt and uncle live next door to her parents. but I have never met her. all I do know is that she is a Prima Ballerina, that retired from the New York Ballet. so yes that means very flexible.


    She looks OK. Maybe because she doesn’t look like usual her…

    Billy Manic

    w her ballet routine for the photo shoot. Pretty hypnotic.


    Loved her in Firefly and Serenity.


    dieAntagonista: Does that mean we can desperately hope for you to post pictures of you in a split?



    It looks awfully arrogant if you take private pictures of yourself doing the split and other shenanigans. My ballet school should have some humble looking ones though.


    I’m not sure Mr P cares if you look arrogant in the pictures. I certainly don’t.

    I loved her in Firefly, and I loved her TSCC. I can’t wait to see what she does next.


    Yeah the splits are nothing special. I’ve been doing them since i was a toddler. I’m more impressed by people who can do a smooth full scorpion handstand, or a fully extended standing-bow asana.

    That being said, Summer Glau can do those with ease and grace, and i adore her.

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