Tight Stomach

Tight Stomach

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    tiki god

    This site has become amazing fabulous lately.


    you and your trolls pfff


    Interesting choice of tattoo ““Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani”, the words Christ cried on the cross meaning “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”. Jonathan Jesensky doesn’t appear to be your average male model.


    dieAntagonista: He is seriously arrogant looking. Who is he?


    I dunno… the position of his head and shoulders with his pants so low looks like it’s meant to imply “blow job”.


    Butter face.


    outofocus: that reminds me of this clip from godfrey


    nyokki: He’s Jonathan Jesensky, www.jesensky.com/ and may very well be extremely arrogant.

    He also appears to be wearing ladies’ jeans.


    What a total waste of a hot body to have such ugly stupid tattoos all over it.


    want. tatts and all. yeowch!


    JamesTuskGeorge: Don’t they button the other way, or is that difference between a woman’s blouse and a man’s shirt only?

    My mom gave me a shirt to wear in elementary school, even got my picture taken in it. At the end of the school year, she told me it was a blouse, not a shirt, because it buttoned wrong. And I thought it was just me fumbling trying to button the damn thing.


    Wow. 3 clicks, and I find the source to the above photo. They are Rufskin jeans, so they’re boy jeans.


    FINALLY something I can fap to.


    @...bytehead: They may be Rufskin jeans marketed for men, but they’re womens’ jeans (and I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, mens jeans cuts are marketed to women), and I shall explain why. There’s a really short rise leaving no space for your lunchbox, which is the main difference between mens’ and womens’ jeans. Mens tend to be J-fit (or U-fit for real comfort), which is the shape made when you lie them down on the side. These are more like i-fit, there’s no space at all. They’re are going to be seriously uncomfortable. However, looking at the website, comfort… Read more »


    deuce: What?!? Tattoos are hot!


    I had a pair of Foreskin boots once…rub ’em just right and they turned into hip waders…


    JamesTuskGeorge: Looking at where the fly ends and how it looks just as close to the top of the inseam as regular jeans, I’d say they’re hip huggers. I’ve worn jeans with that short of a rise before, and seen other guys wear them. True, there’s not much room for your “lunch box”, they did advertise what you were packing that day. But I haven’t worn them in this century, nor even going back to the ’80’s for that matter.