Gaming Is For Kids

Gaming Is For Kids

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    I hate kids. Gaming is for grown ups. Kids can’t fully appreciate the xbox 360, the ps3 or a well built high end gaming pc (with a window of coarse)

    Wii is for kids.


    Dude, the dudes pants make him look like he’s got camel toe.


    This strip is actually about the effect the new Mega Man has on gamers who remember playing the original as a kid.


    @Gouki4u: I only remember mega man X for NES.


    I had this picture as wallpaper for a while. But ignoring the fact that it’s for megaman, I don’t care for it.


    Strage seeing as it came out for the snes


    @casemods: WTF are you on about, when you buy your games is the first thing you look at the system requirements?
    Its not the consoles or pixel counts that make games good.
    Imo Wii is the only real 7th-gen console the other two are just shinier versions of their 6th-gen counterparts.


    @arrested: you talk allot of shit you know that?


    “Pixel counts?” Oh my. I’m too poor for any of the new generation consoles, so I just stick with my PC 🙁


    @Gouki4u: No shit, Sherlock….
    @ohmybob: Eh, PC’s better anyway. More flexible. Consoles’ only real advantage is they’re simplicity to use.


    @Tyger42: I was pointing it out for the benefit of people who don’t read Penny Arcade.


    @greenie: do you not have zippers on your pants?


    @arrested: Graphics make the gameplay.

    Bullet holes, shells, footprints, blood, grenade blasts, glass, shadows, lighting, etc…all contribute to realism of the game.

    Unless your point of playing is some piece of outdated crap like cs 1.6. You can’t even see the bullet holes and the blood looks like jelly was smeared. That alone should prove how graphics at least help the gameplay.


    @arrested: I have downloaded just about every game I could that this system can handle and now it’s time for an upgrade so I can play the newer games. I only have a 9600pro.


    @casemods: I still got my 8800gs by i rarely play the piece of shit titles they release on PC these days.