SR-71 In Flight

SR-71 In Flight

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    Alien technology. They can’t build shit like that back in the ’60’s. No way.


    @alphgeek: lol I heard if you blast a hole in the airframe it heals by itself.

    tiki god


    it looks sexy yeah? you should have seen them going down the air strip. they leaked fuel all the fuck over the place. Why? cause they couldn’t figure out how to make it not do that, and decided that it was best to just let it be.


    I’m not sure we even have the metallurgy today to make something that can withstand the temperatures this thing had to without leaking like a bastard.

    fracked again

    @tiki god: @Sekondosis: Once flying it got hot enough that the joints expanded and sealed up the leaks. If it hadn’t been built that way, parts would have cracked under the strain. I remember reading somewhere that the fuel used was the consistency of syrup, because it would flow well under those temps.

    Favorite jet evar.

    fracked again

    Read the wiki, damn, thats some cool shit. The fuel was the coolant and hydraulic fluid? Insanity!




    SR-71 “IN FLIGHT” emphasized because these birds rarely see the air anymore.


    the see me rollin’ they hate it!!