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what is that green shit in the bowls on the tables?


@natedog: Popplers.


So would that make it “conservative” water?


what a stupid show. every episode is the same. angsty teenager has problems. mom worries about the future. robot chick saves the day from an inept terminator.


@Vrik: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poppler

i totally lol’d


How dare you! You will die for such blasphemy! And most of the episodes didn’t even have an inept terminator, so boo yah.


@Elepski: No, that would be “Fair and Balanced” water; LOI


This is them, just before they got the news that their careers had tanked, and that the show had been cancelled.


I can’t stand this show, the characters are not likable, and they don’t act consistently based on the thin personality they are given. I am actually rooting for the Terminators every time my boyfriend puts it on the TV.


@RSIxidor: This show sucked balls. The entire series went out to try and change events that already occurred. I’m sorry but that’s not the way it works. You can’t just make 3 movies and then make a TV series that totally contradicts the storyline those first 3 movies set in place. Also before you state that it takes place after the second movie but before the third don’t because later on in the third movie its explained that at some point his mother is diagnosed with leukemia and dies after fighting it for 3 years. According to wikipedia the series… Read more »



That’s a pretty large wall of text to simply say “The series pretends T3 never happened.”


@IAMBATMAN: Even by your own timeline the third movie doesn’t make sense- if she had leukemia for three years and died in 1997, she should have already been fighting with it for a year or so in 1995 in T2, right?

I thought the show was okay, but there were too many episodes where it seemed like absolutely nothing happened.

tiki god




@Disgustipater: I had time to kill and I wanted to cover every angle lol @Kishi: exactly hence John saying in T3 “she fought it for 3 years just to make sure… just to make sure the world didn’t end” and there were way too many inconsistencies with the actual series. For instance the ability to go FORWARD in time. according to wikipedia they use technology brought back by someone named “The Engineer” to go forward in time from 1999 to 2007 but according to the first movie if its metal it needs to be covered in living breathing tissue. So… Read more »


@tiki god:

Yes sir a bit of nerd rage but mostly because I had time to kill. Thanks for that RSIxidor XD


I like the series. T3 sucked… the series soothed my anger at T3. It wasn’t perfect but I enjoyed it.


ok, i’ll be the first to say it: i hope the chick terminator is anatomically corret cause i would NOM the shit out of her. also i found this show to be pretty good. again the chick robot is totally hot!


The series has had a few too many episodes where nothing really happens, but overall it is awesomesauce. And anyone who expects linear continuity any time time travel is involved needs to turn in their science badge and take the long walk of shame to Fanboisville.

Luke Magnifico

@IAMBATMAN: Surely someone like you, whose anal cavity is in near-constant use, is familiar with the concept of being a drug mule.


: “I’m sorry but that’s not the way it works.”

Since when? Virtually every series that has made a transition from one medium to another has made significant alterations to accommidate the strengths weaknesses of that medium. Lord of the Rings? took a hatchet job to get it into movie form. Highlander? serious changes from movies to series. Robocop? Made Murphy significanly more vulnerable so that the weakly vilain stood a chance. Heck, tv shows with multiple tv versions like star trek and battlestar galactica violate basic universal rules jumping between series.

I’m sorry, but your basic premise seems flawed.