Star Wars Concept Art

Star Wars Concept Art

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    i like those saber blades

    but Vader looks weird


    Hold on…having a geek moment:

    I think this was done by Ralph MacQuarrrie, during pre-production of the original (probably done in 1975 or ’76) primarily to flesh out what Vader would ultimately look like. I gotta wonder how far Lucas had the script worked out, what with Vader’s opponent being somewhat ambiguous (wouldn’t surprise me if it was still “Deke Starkiller” at that point).


    I highly prefer this version of the protaganist.


    HoChunk: Ding! Ding! Ding!

    We have a winner!!


    General Anakin Starkiller vs Vader!

    Seriously, Lucas got Lucky with a capital C on the first two Star Wars films. You can start to see the breakdown into his own ego right around the time the Ewoks appear…


    Paul_Is_Drunk: Capital L

    Me no think good before coffee have I… huh?


    Kotobukiya made a pretty amazing statue of the painting some time ago: “With only Lucas’ script as a reference, McQuarrie played a pivotal role in creating the look of the Star Wars universe, and most famously helped to create the visual image of the most feared villain in cinematic history: Darth Vader. As tribute to the 30th anniversary of Episode IV: A New Hope, the legendary original painting depicting a lightsaber duel between Lord Vader with Luke Skywalker has been fully realized in three dimensions as an ARTFX Statue. The artisans of KOTOBUKIYA have taken great pains to faithfully… Read more »


    Fighting with flashlights, apparently.


    Gassy flashlights.

    Ever since I got a glimpse of all the concept art I’ve had an internal debate on which ones I like better.


    I own the portfoilio in which this picture came from. It is a portfolio of concept art for starwars and there about 20 pictures in it all about 15″x20 or so inches, they come in a stock card fold out cover and there is a full descripion in teh portfoilio of what teh images are and why he did them. I would love to add more info, but its at home and I am at work at the moment. I was merely looking for it online as this was given to my by my mother in 1977 and I have… Read more »

  • Here's a few awesome images!