Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

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    One of hubby’s favorites. I find it annoying. Teacher w/ cancer decides to make really good meth that will end up seriously damaging his students and maybe even his own kids eventually? I think not.


    I think the show is awesome, he has terminal cancer and he has a teenage son who’s kind of a gimp and his wife is pregnant, so any meth he makes might be used by his teenage son (unlikely, but it might help his gimpiness) or will be completely gone by the time his next kid is old enough. You never hear about 20 year old meth just sitting around, it kind of gets used quickly. Hes trying to make some money to save and support his family after he kicks it.


    In this Show He is a Bad ass Mother Fucker. From High school Teacher , to Crazy Drug dealer in just 2 episodes


    @kiltedforbes: …and his students? Presumably he actually likes and cares about kids in general.


    Is meth bad for you? I mean if you only use a little? Like maybe once a month on weekends?


    Meth is great for getting rid of those unwaited pounds!


    i loved this show. nyokki i dont beleive thats the point of the show. its showing in the extreme how someone with no hope for life will try to help his family and the extent that living with no hope dehumanises someone. i think it was excellent of course its a little far fetched but thats TV for you.


    and casemods i hope you are being sarcastic

    sry for double post


    Why haven’t I heard about this. I wish I had a TV. Ok not really, but in some parallel world a different me wishes she had a TV. Yeah.


    Hey that rhymed.

    Sorry about the double post.



    it’s bound to be on there or some other tv leech site.

    HAL FTFW!!! maybe he should give some meth to Lois while he’s at it.



    Thank you, thank you very much. I never know what TV sites work or which are good, so I never bother.

    I have always loved Hal.


    2nd best scene: Gibs and blood falling through ceiling.
    Best scene and line:
    “This is the kind of place that someone who has only ever seen drug deals on TV would do a drug deal!”



    I think you’re missing the point.
    One of the main explorations of the show is how Hal is so blinded by his desire to leave a nest-egg for his family that he cannot see the consequences of what he’s doing.

    More to the point, I’m not sure he cares (about his students, at least.)

    I don’t know how much you’ve seen, but Hal is a pretty bad dude.


    @the_fascist_rabbit: The better of two shows being filmed and taking place here in Albuquerque. I only knock “In Plain Sight” because they play fast and loose with geography here. The sun rises in the east over the mountains, and sets west over the volcanoes, Not the other way around. Got that Hollywood? This aint Denver. Oh and the other reason I like BB over IPS is that it ticks off our mayor. He told the folks from “Cops” that they were no longer welcome to film here because “the show only portrayed the bad side” and “hurt the image of… Read more »


    I really don’t understand what everyone is talking about “doesn’t he care about the kids?” I wouldn’t give a damn about any of the disrespectful kids I had been teaching for years if it came to my family or them. My family first. Anyway, his own son idolizes a cop. No way in hell is he gonna do meth. Also, meth and drugs in general aren’t that bad. It’s people who use them as a coping mechanism that are. Just like fattening foods. Example: There are more emotional over-eaters in this world slowly munching themselves to death because it makes… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @Putridity: Good scenes. My favorites are when Tuco shows up and says, “Was the mall closed or something?” and when Walt goes to Tuco’s place and blows it the fuck up with SCIENCE!
    @nyokki: I don’t think he actually cares about his students. It’s obvious that being a teacher was not his first choice for a job. Whenever they show him in class, he’s just barely hiding his contempt for the mouthbreathers he has to babysit.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Best show on TV right now.

    Season 2 is much better than season 1.

    No he doesn’t care about his students. Other than his partner who used to be one. Its quite obvious now in the show the power being a dealer gave him was something he always wanted and its redefined him as a person. He likes being a drug lord more than speaking in front of 30 teenagers who are more interested in the clock above his head than what hes talking about.


    What the shit, I posted a similar pic 2 days ago, and this happens?




    “There are more emotional over-eaters in this world slowly munching themselves to death because it makes them feel better, than there are anorexic girls. A pandemic being overlooked because it is much more rude to call someone obese than to call them skeletal.”

    That is so true. You’re awesome.


    it is not shown in austrian or german tv anyway, and probably never will be. and also if the show it i would always recomend the english original.

    haven’t seen this so far but i’m really looking forward to get it. main character is played by bryan cranston (“hal” from malcom in the middle) and i really like this guy.



    Haha it’s strange when people know where you’re from.
    Yeah I used to watch Malcolm in the Middle religiously, on TV. Just after I heard their real voices in English, did I realise how bloody ridiculous the dubbed episodes were. So I know Hal, don’t worry. Although it’s safe to say that I love all the characters from Malcolm in the Middle.

    And yeah I found it on the site linked above! It’s gonna be good.