Kool Aid – Obama Artificial Hope

Kool Aid - Obama Artificial Hope

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    Horrendous shoop + racist + not funny = 0 stars


    Might as well make a image called “Insert Flame-War Here.”

    Luke Magnifico

    This is a terrible shop. And it’s not even funny. BLEEEEGH.


    Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!


    lol! get it?! its like vitamin b, only its labeled ‘BS’ as in ‘bullshit’! cuz he’s a liar… probably. he is black after all.

    and the sugar joke! LOL! consumer-capitalism-at-the-expense-of-social-equality my ass!


    I think as satire, its funny, but not very funny, and its a horrible job.


    have fun being a wage slave, i’m off to kill a billionaire. too lazy to work, not to murder. time for heads to be seperated from bodies. kill kill kill the rich, burn burn burn their castles, rape rape rape their wives, make make make the kids watch.


    wait hold on… black people like kool-aid?


    black folk ain-t drink no cool/aide foo


    Dyna-Mole: But, but…….who will pay us to perform menial tasks for them? Once we have killed them all, I mean.


    Who can tell me what a stereotype is? Anyone?


    Quit crying noobs. It’s funny because it’s true.
    GrandAdmiralThrawn: Something like black people like kool-aid.


    lol, no I did not mean what the stereotype in this case is. I mean what a stereotype is. The way we commonly use it in conversation is general slang

    Luke Magnifico

    GrandAdmiralThrawn: What?!

    Jesus Christ, I’ve had it wrong all these years!



    Get a sense of humor!

    Nice to see the shoe on the other foot after eight years!


    Am I the only one who has a “Project Hope” ad right under it in the comments page? That actually made it funny.

    The actual joke is bleh.

    Luke Magnifico

    Spunky: Is there something wrong with you?

    Were you in some kind of industrial accident?

    It’s not that this isn’t funny because it’s laughing at Black President. It’s not funny because it’s badly shopped, badly worded, and generally stupid.

    I’ll fucking kill you with a rake.


    wow, it is amazing to me the quickness of the attitude reversal on here. before, during, and right after the election and untill inauguration everything on here was bush-bashing and pro-obama. now after just a few months in office he has shown his inneptitude and everything is bashing the “obamessiah”. i find that funny, it amuses me that people were so very gullible to put someone with almost zero experience in the whitehouse, and are now suprised that he has no idea what to do.


    rebel4309: More like he was given shit on a plate and told to make brownies.

    Professor Cramulus

    rebel4309: are we reading the same comments?


    i was refering to the pics posted not the comments


    In b4 flame war


    little late there xiao pengyou

    fracked again

    rebel4309: Bush is a bumbling idiot is a different comment from Obama is a n*gg*r (hope this gets past the filter). If you think they are the same thing, then you are the reason the republican party is in a complete crisis.


    rebel4309: You are an idiot and a moron. Yes, both.


    You have impeccable timing.


    @fracked again: i was not even refering to race, but the fact that oboma is a complete moron as well, i am neither republican nor democrat. even with his teleprompter i saw 3 screw ups in 5 min of his inauguration speech that i bothered to watch. media would have been all over bush for simple mistakes but noone ever even mentioned obama’s little f-ups. @nyokki: for what reason am i either of those? is it because my opinion is different than yours? please enlighten me because i see nothing moronic about my statement. (also as an aside to all:… Read more »


    I for one don’t give a flying rat’s ass what color his skin is myself. I personally don’t like Obama because frankly he’s even worse than Bush. Bush was a moron, yes. But at least he was a moron with some experience. Obama is a moron with no experience. It took W 8 years to screw the country up, but O is well on his way to making things twice as bad in his first year in office. Though in all fairness it’s not all his fault. He did inherit a mess from W, plus the democrat controlled congress is… Read more »


    rebel4309: You are so gullible and simple minded. Are you related to casemods?

    fracked again

    @...rebel4309: No, you are just an idiot. Which stock markets were those that dropped? I am quite curious. Who’s to blame for the current economy? The guy who took the helm a few short months ago? The only people who seem to think so are the right wingers who constantly call Obama the messiah. Interesting that the only believers are those that have so much hate for him. So who will you give the credit to when the markets recover? Reagan, Bush 1 or Bush 2? You may not be a racist repub, but you sure do a great impersonation.… Read more »




    Yes he inherited a mess. A mess he helped create while he was a member of congress.
    So far I’m not impressed by the current administration, but I’m still waiting a year or two to better see the repercussions of the policies and laws passed in this time.


    Black guy bashing = racist White guy bashing = Intellectual and thoughtful Those of you who are jumping Rebel’s ass, go back and read his post and look at your response. I know the concept of critical thought is no longer valued in today’s institutions of higher education, but some of you really have to get your shit in one sock and at least put up retorts based in fact, not emotion. If your only response to Rebel’s post is “you’re a racist” then most likely, you lack the intelligence to put forth any facts to refute what Rebel posted.… Read more »

    fracked again

    @...mini-schnauzer: Unless bumbling idiot is a race, making fun of Bush isn’t racist. Make fun of Obama for legitimate reasons, but the post is racist. Grape drink? Take whitey’s sugar and give it to lazy folks? Did I miss any other code for poor blacks on welfare? What arguments does rebel make? Constant bumbling from Bush compared to a few minor mistakes in a speech should be portrayed as equal? Which stock markets were dropping? A better question would be which stock markets were open after the polls were closing, and of the international markets that were open, were there… Read more »


    Some fuckwad posts a stupid bush post its so funny and enjoyed but another fuckwad posts a stupid obama joke and its shit. Hows about we all stop posting shit political crap?


    fracked again: You’re kinda sexy when you’re all bothered by stupidity.


    I didn’t think the Bush post was funny, but it wasn’t racist either. And uh, the webmaster of this site posted both pictures. Unless he says anything about the picture, you can consider him neutral.
    This is to create a discussion, to get comments.


    fracked again:

    I know reading for comprehension may not be a skill taught in your public school system, but I suggest you go back and read what I posted. At least try make your posts relate to mine.


    rubbadubbawubba: Ha! Excellent. I remember years (ok, decades) ago, I used to think he wasn’t insane.


    False Hope
    Real Problems

    but wait,…..thats CHANGE
    all he did was preach CHANGE, he didnt specify good or bad

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