Do you have a blog?

If you do have a website, please feel free to add to you website.  I’d love to increase the MCS page rank, and with you help, I”ll be able to break the GPR of 5.  Please link to MCS if you can.

Also: please up vote MCS on digg and reddit!

if you can’t link to mcs, at least hit the random link up on the top there.  I’d love to hit 200,000 page views a day soon.

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    MCS has been linked on my blog since it began, I’m a long time lurker and I love the site 😉


    What the hell is that link ” I’d love to hit 200,000 page views a day soon.” to? I got blocked with this:

    Access to this site is restricted by G01 policy.

    If you require access to this site please e-mail the link you need to access to:

    what the hell…


    I don’t have a blog really…I have a site but it’s some freewebs POS…I need something that I would actually use and link to…


    Done and done.

    I also voted on the most recent pictures on Digg, but I’m not sure this will help much.

    Isn’t there a way to digg M[c]S in general? Now that would be helpful. I think.


    And the ” I’d love to hit 200,000 page views a day soon.” link works fine for me.


    Done since I know MCS!

    Laughncat 1

    Whenever I post a pic on my site that I found here, I always include a link to encourage people to visit this great site. I also include the link in that trackback section too. Just doing my part 🙂

    Offering a cross linking program would prob work better. your not the only one who wants their pagerank up 🙂

    Joeseph Goebbels

    But MCS already comes top of Google.


    i put it on my myspace

    heheheee. no i didnt. i dont want people i know IRL reading my mad mutterings


    You’ve been on my blogroll since, well, since I’ve been reading this on RSS. 🙂

    Not sure that my PR 4 helps you all that much…


    You’re only PR 3! That really sucks!


    Interestingly enough, I just submitted to StumbleUpon, and had to persuade their submission page that no, really, this isn’t a porn site… May want to look into that – all the auto tags were “pornography” “transexuals” “nude photography”, etc.. And I wasn’t on the nsfw side.


    I link to you all the time, Tiki, because I want to bone you.


    I have a blog and have had your link on there for a while.

    Ask dieA, and stop being so greedy at least YOU show up on Google.



    @Dreth: Hey only I can call Tiki an ass.

    Yes it’s true, Dreth has been kissing your ass for a long time now.



    Bandwagoned. I have a very modest (read: retarded) blog but have a bit of decent traffic on a couple of posts and I’ve been a very long time lurker myself so I’ll toss up a link to MCS right away.