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    Doh. Noodle looks like a stupid monkey. They’d better apply a bit more kawaii to her personality.


    I need a cool shoe shine.


    I ain’t happy
    I’m feeling glad
    I got sunshine in a bag
    I’m useless
    but not for long
    The future
    is coming on
    is coming on
    is coming on…


    There’s a Murdoc sex tape on the net.


    I never realized she was a girl. I’ve got to look deeper into the world created around them.

    That sounds fantastic.


    Windmill windmill for the land turn forever hand in hand

    Luke Magnifico

    copypaiste: But then she’d be just another azn girl in western culture.

    By happenstance, I have just finished shining my shoes. It’s for a funeral.


    vincent.ex2: I must see that. Sauce pls.


    @...natedog: Finally someone let me out of my cage Now, time for me is nothing ‘cuz I’m counting no age Now I couldn’t be there Now you shouldn’t be scared I’m good at repairs And I’m under each snare Intangible Bet you didn’t think so I command you to Panoramic view Look I’ll make ya all manageable Pick and choose Sit and lose All you different crews Chicks and dudes Who you think is really kickin’ tunes? Picture you gettin’ down in a picture tube Like you lit the fuse You think it’s fictional Mystical? Maybe Spiritual Hearable What appears… Read more »


    deuce: Unfortunately, there’s only an audio record. It features a female pop star offering her body in exchange for being featured on their new album, a motor-powered-something, and a guest appearance by a mysterious moustached figure.

    www.bananazfilm.com/blog/ – play the betamax


    also: Can you dig it like a spigot My guess is yes you can like, can I kick it? wicked Liquor shot If u happy and u know it As you clap your hands to the thick snot of a poet flow it Broke a pen and i’m in cope hymen Dope or rhymin all worth it then The hope diamond Required off the blackmarket Or wire tappin Couldn’t target a jar of spit The rapid fire spark lit zzzzt! A rapper bug zapper And it don’t matter after if they’s a thug or a dapper. Plug yer trap or… Read more »


    vincent.ex2: Oh well, I’ll have to make due with the gigs of Murdoc/2D slash on the ‘net I guess.

    tiki god

    ITT: idiots quoting songs.


    Love this band. If you’re a fan, get your hands on the Demon Days LIVE @... The Manchester Opera House DVD. You will not be disappointed. The band is accompanied by a full orchestra, and on certain songs a gospel and children’s choir. The main musicians play behind a screen, showing only their blackened silhouettes, while the guest stars take center stage. Over the stage on the jumbo tron are original videos and animations cued up to the songs. Seriously amazing. Almost every guest from the album is there except for Doom, but they play an exclusive recording of him… Read more »


    Doodly ding dong tick tock.

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