Angelina Jolie Takes Aim

Angelina Jolie Takes Aim

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    Love. This gets added to my collection, thank you very much Tiki.

    Inb4 people hating on ma chérie.


    Even though she’s suffering from the same over-exposure backlash all celebs get at a certain level (Seth Rogen’s been getting this a lot recently, too) she’s still one of the few people in the world I find attractive who I’ve not met in person.

    Yeah, I know… weird. Even as a kid I never had celebrity crushes. Just seemed unreal. Angelina Jolie is the exception. Well, her and David Bowie, but that’s more a man crush.


    Jesus. Paul. The same exact thing happened to me. I never had any celebrity crushes, then I played my first 3D game, Tomb Raider, and later on I fell in obsession with Angelina.

    I had a David Bowie phase though. After I saw The Labyrinth. He’s actually bisexual! Haha.

    +50 Internets for you.


    Shes got horrible taste in railed fore ends. She needs to pro up and switch some hot LaRue or Viking Tactics gear.


    @Nimbo: Railed fore ends? Sounds kinky.


    @dieAntagonista: Never played Tomb Raider. Hackers, that incredibly bad movie, is what did it for me.

    David Bowie, though, was born of the album Hunky Dory. That’s what got me back into classic rock for the… third time? Like Bowie, I’ve gone through too many musical phases to count.


    Let’s throw in the obligatory “Wow! What lousy trigger discipline!” 😉




    @Paul_Is_Drunk: Haha oh Hackers. It was after I watched the Tomb Raider films I freaked out even more. And it exposed me to William Blake (yeah I know, it’s terrible that that’s how I learned about him), and it was pure love. Ah see again, I didn’t know David Bowie was a musician, for a long time. I knew him from the Labyrinth and Christiane F. We Children From Bahnhof Zoo. Even in that last film, I thought he only sang for the film. Man all of this is pretty embarrassing. Musical phases you say. That’s interesting. There’s pretty much… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    There’s something different about her eyes.

    Lack of mascara? Maybe?

    I like it.

    Luke Magnifico

    Also, what thing is this from?


    So if I’m understanding this right, you fell in love with Lara Croft and then later this morphed into a love for Angelina Jolie? So this means your a fan of large breasts on a unbelievably small frame? Me too!

    I’m taking a guess: Mr. and Mrs. Smith.


    Is a fan of the “large breasts on a small frame” as well. I also liked Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Brad and Angelina have good on-screen chemistry and the movie was pretty funny too, in addition to having lots of shit blow up.


    I still haven’t seen it. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do in regards to Jolie films.


    What retarded ass rail system is that?

    Also, Where the HELL is the guns bolt? The stock/lower receiver look like an M4, but the gun has no bolt. Or it is not an M4 and is some other gun that fires from the open bolt position….


    I believe it’s called an S-System, i couldn’t find anything other than airsoft rifles when searching for it, but it looks identical.



    Haha, err, not exactly. Although all the women I draw look like that.
    No, Tomb Raider was just the first 3D game I’ve played, and it had a girl as the hero so naturally it was ultra epic to me back then.
    But yeah, that morphed into a love for Angelina Jolie.


    Well, I’m going to imagine that your imaging what I want you to imagine and there is little you can do about it.

    Show us some drawings.


    Am I the only one surprised that she’s left-handed?


    She’s clearly a sinner, so Southpaw shouldn’t be that surprising.


    What she’s thinking:

    “If I can just hit casemods with one of my love bullets, I’ll have him all to myself”