The Konami Code

800px-Konami_Code.jpg (33 KB) (recommend ctrl-u if you are an htmlhead.)

It actually works on digg on facebook, as well as the other sites.

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    It also works on


    I wish it listed what those sites do.

    Gamespot is listed as one of the sites on the link above.


    The AdventureQuestWorlds one made me laugh. The Million Dollar Cube is whacky. I stopped watching after two minutes.

    Tiki institute a Konami code, list your site there, dorks will come flocking.

    tiki god

    This does not work on facebook, nor on gamespot. I tried it out and nothing happens. do you need to have some kind of flash plugin or javascript?

    tiki god

    gah, I just found out that that’s not the complete konami code. you have to hit “start” or on a 101 keyboard “enter” for it to work.


    as i recall from over 9000 hours on Contra, it was up up, down down, left right, left right, B, A, select, start


    @tiki god:
    Tiki, I must reiterate, MCS needs the Konami code to survive.


    @natedog: only if you were getting extra lives for two people!


    i have safari 4 beta, and it works on facebook. all you do is just hit up up down down left right left right enter. then when you scroll, click, or type, a lens flare appears. it gets annoying after awhile, but it goes away when you load up facebook again.

    Luke Magnifico

    I do not understand.


    that is cool!


    UDLR Hold A, press Start. A much more universal, vintage and better code to remember for eternity.

    For those that don’t know, get out the old Sonic 1.


    How do you do it on a regular keyboard and where on google reader would you enter it? I’m confused.


    So lost.


    @natedog: That’s what I thought too. Guess they made it simpler so people wouldn’t wonder where the select key was on their keyboard…


    Be sure to turn off “search for text when I start typing” in FF or you won’t be able to type B A.


    finally I has teh cheat codes to teh interwebz


    B and A are the letters be and a. up, down, left, right, are the arrow keys Start is Enter.


    @RSIxidor: Not working for me.


    why? why? WWHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAA????????????


    lrn 2 internets?

    No, seriously, do you have something like NoScript enabled?


    @RSIxidor: Nope, not on the laptop. I’ve also noticed that alt codes don’t work for me on the laptop either. I have to use the character map. A Vista thing perhaps?