New Diesel Helmets

diesel-helmet-1.jpg (21 KB)

diesel-helmet-2.jpg (20 KB)

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    Lame helmet is lame.

    Seriously, I’ve taken enough random shit to the face that I’m not riding without a full face helmet. So these are probably expensive as fuck and don’t cover your face. No thanks, gimme a Shoei or Nolan any day.


    looks like a snowboarding helmet. id rock it for definate. untill i take out like 6 skiers because i cant see through the viser and goggles.

    Karatesaurus Rex

    After splitting my cheekopen by catching an acorn with my cheekbone at 45mph in my “donor bucket” I decided it was time to go full face all the time as well. This helmet is pure fail.


    @Karatesaurus Rex: I had a 2X3X1 inch chunk of gravel hit me in the helmet one time. I don’t know how in the hell a chunk of gravel managed to get that high up in the air in the middle of an interstate, but it happened. I started tracking it about 30 feet out and knew there wasn’t anything I could do other than wait for it to hit. If I hadn’t had a shield, it would have hit me right below the nose and would have done quite a bit of damage. As it was, it still left a… Read more »


    These look like aviator helmets. Nice looking, but won’t keep your face pretty.


    Only be cool if they come with oxygen masks too.