WoW x 36

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There was a pic on M[c]S of a guy w/ a wall of monitors and all his WoW accounts running. This is a screenshot from one of his raids and he was playing all 36 accounts.


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    Jesus fucking holy christ.




    Who is this Mother fucker?? i need to roll with him !


    That’s roughly $540 per month for the subscriptions, plus all the hardware needed to run it. Sad.




    He’s raiding to find a Life.

    He won’t find it.


    Another lottery winner ruining himself.

    Luke Magnifico

    “there are more expensive hobbies out there”

    Well, yeah.

    Sculpting scale models of WW2 US navy ships out of diamond.

    Maintaining your own zoo, complete with African Plains exhibit.

    Chasing lions around your front lawn on a quadbike.

    All of these things are more expensive hobbies.

    It does not change the fact that he is paying more than 5k a year for a computer game.

    Think of how many prostitutes he could get.


    Nobody would play with him.


    WoW is a perfect example of De-Evolution.


    “How do you kill that which has no life?”


    He’s been banned, too. Abusing all his accounts to win PvP matches.


    There ARE more expensive hobbies out there, and not just the stupid examples you provided. Rich people (men) often collect expensive cars. You DID see the Ferrari just above this post, right? That would pay for a lot more than 30+ computers and accounts on WoW for a decade. In fact, as hobbies go, the one he picked (having many computers with accounts on WoW) is rather inexpensive compared to many others. How about yachting? A fine yacht can set you back tens of millions of dollars. How about fine art or jewels? Again, millions of dollars. Raising thoroughbred horses?… Read more »


    yea, but when the rich do it it’s cool!


    @DarkShinigami: if one man can win all his PVP matches by himself they should not Ban him but give him a fucking Medal for PVP KING!!!


    how the hell does he do it? I can’t keep track of two conversations at the same time….




    @casemods: Yes you are.


    At that point would the game even be fun anymore, I mean seriously. I will stick to my simple minded fps’ and my occasional sports games thank you very much!


    @BowToMe: My thoughts exactly. I don’t even like RPG mode on CS:S.

    Games should be based on the players ability, not how long they have played.

    @puu: Very mature…


    @casemods: I understand how you feel towards games being based on Player Ability, BUT i play World of Warcraft just the same based on Ability to get those items that are really hard to get, making that money and clearing as Much stuff as possible to show your dedication to the Game. i am a PIMP at FPS on xbox live and Switch it up with some WoW


    How pathetic are you when you have to play a multiplayer game all by yourself??


    That guy must have some serious uber micro skills.. or maybe not.. @LukeV1-5: I agree with the point regarding the prostitutes.. @BowToMe: @casemods: yeah I don’t think I would be any more fun.. I mean I’m also gamer and after years of reflecting on my lifestyle I’ve realized that a factor of what makes games fun is the fact that your playing with other individuals.. And yes I do agree that games should be based on the players ability, But I have to disagree about W0W.. i’ve played it and aside from spending time in finding items and stuff.. alot… Read more »


    @NoOneInParticular: Yeah, but at least they get a sense of satisfaction out of these, arguably expensive, though recreational activities. Playing WoW, and really any other MMORPG out there, just gives you a sense of dissatisfaction because you’re always chasing after the next achievement, the next/better gear and you know that burried deep in your head is a thought that goes: “this is all a waste of time! This doesn’t earn me any money, doesn’t get me any REAL friends, hell it certainly doesn’t get me laid!” And I’m not talking out of ignorance here (although I might have to add… Read more »


    36 accounts and they’re all shammies? Feh.


    I find it rather funny that so many have so much to say but at the same time know exactly what this apparently supremely bored individual is doing. 🙂