Old School Skateboarding

MK jumping Cosmo HB.jpg (89 KB)

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    man i remember having one of those boards that had the little bump on the back for stppin that were shaped like the vans logo, those things flew. more into longboarding now amirite? damn straight i am.

    Luke Magnifico

    Back when it was actually awesome.


    Skateboarded 12yrs. This is called a “California”
    Looks like Huntington Pier.. LukeV1-5: Can’t sk8? awww-Fuck you poser!

    Luke Magnifico

    Moe: You just used a number instead of letters.

    You make my case for me.

    Luke Magnifico



    I can’t grasp this

    Not skating makes me a poser?

    Pretending…to….not be a skater?

    I am afraid that you must clarify.


    The guy in the chair is not wearing any pants.

    Luke Magnifico

    Marrock: Actually…



    I adore this picture. Makes me wanna be in California, aw yeah.


    On a (tenuously) related note, I saw this yesterday.

    “…Blade Gear makes you look cool, funky and hip.” But we need more neon. This is the ‘extreme’ sport that I imagine the cast of Saved By The Bell being into.


    LukeV1-5: please inform me why it WAS awsome and is still not.. you got old?

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